Titan Oil and Gas, Inc.

Titan Oil and Gas, Inc.

November 17, 2005 09:30 ET

Titan Oil and Gas, Inc.-Titan Initiates New High-Volume Pumping Program on Stanley # 1 Well

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 17, 2005) - Titan Oil and Gas, Inc. (TNOG:OTC) announces that it is discussing the implementation of a high-volume pumping system to reactivate and exploit oil production from its Stanley # 1 Well.

One thing making this possible sooner than expected has been a disappointing result in the drilling of the Kosciusko # 1 Well. All indications of having reached a highly fractured zone were present, as earlier announced, and the well was completed at a depth of 7,325 feet. Generally, a highly fractured zone in the Austin Chalk indicates a good likelihood of oil and gas. Tests have finally been completed, after some delays surrounding maintenance of the rig, final hookups, and also a packer that had become unseated and that needed to be reinstalled prior to swabbing. Though small returns of gas were observed when swabbing the well, they are not strong enough to be economically viable, as it seems the fractured area has collected water. Though this is disappointing news after our efforts on this well, it does give us another opportunity in that it may be used for the disposal of water in reactivating our Stanley # 1 Well. The rig performed a water injection test on the well before leaving the site at the end of the day yesterday.

As part of our redevelopment plans, we are finalizing arrangements for a high-volume pumping system on the Stanley # 1 Well. The Stanley # 1 Well had produced just in excess of 1,000 barrels of oil in January of this year, but was starting to produce a higher percentage of water, so we had "shut it in" in anticipation of developing the well in a more economically-sensible manner. Test results have shown continuous production of oil from this well. If an inexpensive method were to exist in order to dispose of accompanying water, the well can be pumped at a very high volume. We had been seeking a water injection well, but expected that there would be a long permitting process to get underway. As we have most of the infrastructure, piping, tubing, etc., in place at this time, we would like to get this underway quickly using the Kosciusko # 1 Well.

Titan Petroleum Engineer Pete Maupin reports: "Producing high volumes of fluid in these wells can, in some cases, dramatically increase the percentages of oil, resulting in substantial production rates. We will need to install a submersible high-volume pump in the Stanley # 1 Well and do some minor preparations for pumping to begin. If all the pieces come into place quickly, we expect that we can be producing this well in a short period of time."

In addition, the Company has been holding discussions in regard to joint ventures to develop our other properties, and we will update shareholders as these developments unfold.

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