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December 19, 2013 11:22 ET

TiVo Research and Analytics Presents Its 2013 Year in Review

Top Moments Include the Har-Bowl (Super Bowl XLVII) and The Big Bang Theory's Nod to Star Trek

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 19, 2013) - TiVo Research and Analytics, Inc. (TRA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), today announced its 2013 year in review results. From television's top five moments to the most successful creative advertising campaigns, this report offers a comprehensive look at what resonated with TiVo viewers based on our syndicated ratings service. According to TRA, two of the top five moments occurred during Modern Family episodes while the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards and The Big Bang Theory comprised the other three.

TRA analyzed TV viewership from January-November 2013 for a variety of different program types and metrics categories. The results are based on an aggregated, anonymous, second-by-second audience measurement data from a sample of 350,000 anonymous households with the Emmy® Award winning TiVo® service.

2013 Year in Review

Top 5 Moments

Top 5 TiVo Moments for the 5 Highest Rated Programs
Rank   Network   Program Name   Airdate   Top Rated Moment
1   CBS   Super Bowl XLVII   2/3/2013   The Har-Bowl's final seconds tick down as the Ravens defeat the 49ers 34-31 by stopping them on the final play, a kick-off return
2   ABC   The Academy Awards   2/24/2013   Christoph Waltz wins for Best Supporting Actor for Django Unchained and gives a heartfelt speech
3   ABC   Modern Family: New Year's Eve   1/9/2013   While trying to find a bar to go to on New Year's Eve, Cameron and Mitchell enter a club that shocks them.
4   ABC   Modern Family: Fulgencio   1/23/2013   Phil tries to convince the kids to come to him with their problems rather than their mother, to no avail.
5   CBS   The Big Bang Theory: The Bakersfield Expedition   1/10/2013   The guys return from Bakersfield dressed in Star Trek costumes and overhear the women in their apartment arguing about comic book characters.

Top 5 Most Time-Shifted Broadcast and Cable Programs

Rank   Network   Program Name   Episode Count   % Time-Shifted
1   CW   The Vampire Diaries   21   86.5%
2   CW   Arrow   21   83.8%
3   CW   90210   13   83.8%
4   ABC   Modern Family   20   83.6%
5   FOX   New Girl   22   83.5%
Rank   Network   Program Name   Episode Count   % Time-Shifted
1   SHOW   Nurse Jackie   10   90.2%
2   AMC   Mad Men   12   88.7%
3   IFC   Portlandia   10   88.4%
4   FX   Justified   13   87.7%
5   SHOW   Dexter   12   87.3%

*Based on 10+ episodes

Advertising creative, movie campaign spots and network promos were evaluated with respect to how well their ads resonated with TiVo service subscribers, as measured by their propensity to watch, rewind or fast-forward through the brands' spots during time-shifted viewing.

Top 5 Primetime Broadcast and Cable Advertising Creative Based on Fast-forward Rate

Top Primetime Broadcast Creative Spots*
Rank   Brand   Creative Name   Spot Count
1   E Trade Financial   Baby Discusses Hidden Fees   11
2   Mastercard   Keep Using Your Card at Any Restaurant   25
3   Pacific Life   Family Watches a Whale - Pacific Life   23
4   BMW X1   Versatile for Anything   14
5   Tempur-Pedic   Mattress Full of Blue Gel Beads   22
Top Primetime Cable Creative Spots*
Rank   Brand   Creative Name   Spot Count
1   Samsung Galaxy   On the Way   10
2   Miller 64   Fit to Make History 2   10
3   Dollar Shave Club   Shipping Razors to Your Home 7-Dollar Shave Club   15
4   GMC Sierra   Same as a Submarine Hull   11
5   Taco Bell   Game Day Tradition   12

*Based on Fast-forward Rate, 10+ spots per creative (does not include motion picture spots)

Top 5 Debut Week Motion Picture Campaigns based on Fast-Forward Rate

Top Debut Week Movie Campaigns*
Rank   Studio   Movie Title   Spot Count
1   Fox   A Good Day to Die Hard   80
2   Relativity   Movie 43   409
3   Sony/Columbia   Grown Ups 2   163
4   Lionsgate Summit   Kevin Hart Let Me Explain   291
5   Paramount   World War Z   292

*Based on Fast-forward Rate, 80+ spots in the debut week

Top 5 Primetime Broadcast and Cable Promotional Campaigns based on Fast-Forward Rate

Top Primetime Broadcast Promos*
Rank   Network   Program Name   Spot Count
1   CBS   NCIS   147
2   CBS   NCIS Los Angeles   130
3   NBC   Dracula   102
4   CBS   Survivor Caramoan   213
5   NBC   The Winner Is   117
Top Primetime Cable Promos*
Rank   Network   Program Name   Spot Count
1   AMC   The Killing   373
2   ABC FAMILY   Twisted   490
3   FX   Archer   289
4   BRAVO   Real Housewives of Beverly Hills   266
5   TBS   Deal With It   409

*Based on Fast-forward Rate, 100+ spots per network promo

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