November 03, 2011 08:30 ET

TiVo Research Shows That for New Fall TV Series the Number of Promos Run Does Not Guarantee a Winning New Network Show

TiVo 'Promo Conversion' Data Reveals That Promo Viewership Is More Predictive Than Lofty Reach as CBS and FOX Were Tops Among Broadcast Networks in Driving Viewers to Their New Fall Television Series Regardless of Reach; Top Two Series With the Lowest 'Promo Conversion' Already Cancelled

ALVISO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 3, 2011) - TiVo Inc., a leader in advanced television services and advertising solutions for digital video recorders (DVRs), today announced audience measurement results identifying how effectively on-air broadcast television promos running the six weeks prior to the fall series premieres drive viewers to watch. After evaluating the 21 new fall broadcast series that premiered between September 12 and October 2, TiVo's Power||Watch™ ratings services data, gathered from an opt-in panel of 35,000 TiVo subscribers, revealed that there is not a direct correlation between reach and a network's ability to convert viewers through its promos.

Conversely, Promo Conversion which TiVo defines as a viewer watching three on-air promo spots and then tuning in for the series premiere, was quite predictive in telling which new programs would attract viewers to tune in. For example, TiVo determined that while promotions of NBC's Whitney had the highest reach at 85.32%, it ranked 16th in terms of Promo Conversion. Further analysis shows the two series that had the lowest Promo Conversion, ABC's Charlie's Angels at 8.13% and CW's H8R at 9.41%, have already been cancelled. On the opposite end of the spectrum, though it did not rank in the top 10 reach rankings CBS's new sitcom 2 Broke Girls scored the highest Promo Conversion with 28.05% and has already been given a full season order.

Tara Maitra, SVP, General Manager Content and Media Services at TiVo, said, "Effective program marketing is a critical component of the overall lifeline of a television show, particularly a new series trying to build a fan base. Yet despite its importance, very little, if any, data exists to help the TV industry measure the actual efficacy of promos relative to the viewers that actually show up to watch the program. TiVo's Promo Effectiveness data is a powerful tool that can help networks cut through to the core of what's really resonating with viewers. This insight can help them course correct midseason or plan for next season all with an eye toward effective targeting and improving ROI." Speaking to the accuracy of TiVo's data, Maitra noted that none of the five series with the lowest Promo Conversion (ABC's Detroit 1-8-7, CW's Hellcats, FOX's Lone Star, NBC's Chase, and ABC's My Generation) from TiVo's 2010 report were renewed for a second season.

Promo Reach Rankings

Rank New Fall Series Reach: Live + 7 Days Frequency: Live + 7 Days GRP: Live + 7 Days
1 NBC - WHITNEY 85.32% 8.941 762.676
2 NBC - PRIME SUSPECT 84.64% 9.512 804.69
3 ABC - REVENGE 84.03% 12.13 1018.895
4 NBC - UP ALL NIGHT 83.92% 9.001 755.167
5 ABC - CHARLIES ANGELS 81.21% 8.627 700.545
6 ABC - PAN AM 80.10% 8.401 672.936
7 CBS - UNFORGETTABLE 77.25% 6.878 530.958
8 CBS - PERSON OF INTEREST 75.83% 6.68 506.374
9 FOX - TERRA NOVA 75.53% 5.792 437.334
10 FOX - X FACTOR 75.02% 6.063 454.71

Top 10 - Promo Conversion Rate

Network Program Promo
CBS 2 Broke Girls 28.05%
FOX New Girl 22.88%
CBS Be-Gentleman 22.12%
FOX Terra Nova 20.78%
CBS Person of Interest 20.51%
ABC Pan Am 19.89%
ABC Suburgatory 19.59%
NBC Free Agents 18.52%
NBC Up All Night 16.48%
CBS Unforgettable 15.84%

Bottom 10 - Promo Conversion Rate

Network Program Promo
ABC Charlie's Angels 8.13%
CW H8R 9.41%
NBC Prime Suspect 10.68%
CW Hart of Dixie 10.93%
ABC Revenge 11.00%
NBC Whitney 11.21%
FOX The X Factor 11.87%
NBC The Playboy Club 12.71%
CW Ringer 14.14%
CBS A Gifted Man 14.43%

*Promo Conversation Rate is the percent of households who were exposed to 3 on-air promo spots who tuned into the series premiere of the program, includes Live + 7 days of viewing.

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