December 13, 2012 08:30 ET

TiVo Uncovers: 'Elementary' Series Premiere Promos Most Effective Among Fall 2012 New Shows

New TiVo 'Promo Conversion' Data Supports That Launching a Major Advertising Campaign for a New Show Doesn't Guarantee It's a "Hit"

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2012) - TiVo Research and Analytics, Inc. (TRA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), today announced audience measurement results identifying how effectively on-air broadcast television promos running during the six weeks prior to the 2012 Fall season series premieres drove viewers to watch. According to TRA, the promotional campaign for CBS' modern-day telling of Sherlock Holmes, Elementary, fared best with a Promo Conversion score of 26.2%.

TRA evaluated the 19 new fall broadcast series that premiered between September 10 and October 11 and utilized Power||Watch™ ratings service data, gathered from an opt-in panel of 45,000 TiVo subscribers, to find that a broad promotional reach campaign does not guarantee a program's success with viewers.

However, Promo Conversion, which TiVo defines as a viewer watching three on-air promo spots and then tuning in for the series premiere, was quite predictive in telling which new programs would attract viewers to tune in Elementary, for example, ranked only 10th overall with a 71% reach while its Promo Conversion score took first place. CBS has already given the show a full season order. In fact, the top three programs in the Promo Conversion list have all been given full season orders. 

Tara Maitra, Senior Vice President and GM of Content and Media Sales, TiVo, said, "The fact that Elementary's Promo Conversion score placed it first overall will certainly open the eyes of some networks and advertisers that will be surprised to see a show with so low an advertising reach can bring in so many fans. This type of insight is a testament to TRA's unique ability to help networks and marketers determine what's really resonating with viewers. No other data exists that offers such granular insights into the efficacy of television promos -- and the insights offered by TRA can be used well beyond the promotional stage of a television series to effectively plan and target viewers for upcoming seasons."

The CW series Arrow also proved an example of a successful targeted promotional effort. The fifth ranked network's campaign for their new vigilante series cobbled together a 27% reach, ranking it last out of all the new broadcast series. Yet, the Promo Conversion score for Arrow came in third overall with at 18.9%. Arrow has also been given a full season commitment.

On the other end of the spectrum is the NBC series Animal Practice. NBC's extensive promotional campaign delivered a reach of 67% but the Promo Conversion score was a 13.4%. Animal Practice was cancelled on October 18. CBS' Made in Jersey has the distinction of being the first casualty of the new season though, receiving its cancellation notice on October 10 after a promotional campaign that reached 51% and a Promo Conversion score of only 10.5%. 

Promo Reach Rankings

Rank   Network   New Fall Series   Reach: Live + 7 Days   Frequency: Live + 7 Days   GRP: Live + 7 Days
1   NBC   REVOLUTION   86%   9.5   815.4
2   ABC   NASHVILLE   86%   14.9   1277.9
3   NBC   GO ON   85%   8.1   688.0
4   ABC   LAST RESORT   84%   11.7   982.5
5   NBC   CHICAGO FIRE   82%   8.8   726.6
6   NBC   THE NEW NORMAL   80%   6.8   543.5
7   CBS   VEGAS   74%   6.0   441.6
8   ABC   666 PARK AVENUE   74%   7.9   583.0
9   ABC   THE NEIGHBORS   73%   6.2   450.8
10   CBS   ELEMENTARY   71%   5.1   365.6
11   FOX   THE MOB DOCTOR   70%   5.3   373.0
12   NBC   ANIMAL PRACTICE   67%   3.5   238.1
13   CBS   PARTNERS   65%   5.1   332.4
14   FOX   BEN AND KATE   62%   3.5   213.4
15   FOX   THE MINDY PROJECT   58%   3.0   172.7
16   CBS   MADE IN JERSEY   51%   2.9   147.8
17   NBC   GUYS WITH KIDS   47%   2.5   115.1
18   CW   BEAUTY AND THE BEAST   32%   2.7   85.6
19   CW   ARROW   27%   2.2   59.2

Promo Conversion Rate Rankings

Rank   Network   Program   Promo Conversion Rate*
1   CBS   ELEMENTARY   26.2%
2   NBC   REVOLUTION   21.8%
3   CW   ARROW   18.9%
5   ABC   666 PARK AVENUE   15.7%
6   ABC   THE NEIGHBORS   14.5%
7   CBS   VEGAS   14.0%
8   FOX   BEN AND KATE   13.5%
10   CBS   PARTNERS   12.3%
11   NBC   GUYS WITH KIDS   11.8%
12   ABC   LAST RESORT   10.8%
13   CBS   MADE IN JERSEY   10.5%
14   NBC   THE NEW NORMAL   10.4%
15   FOX   THE MOB DOCTOR   10.3%
17   NBC   GO ON   8.9%
18   ABC   NASHVILLE   8.5%
19   NBC   CHICAGO FIRE   7.2%

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