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October 20, 2010 05:00 ET

TM Forum Catalyst Project Led by BT Explores Multi-Tenancy for Cloud Services

LONDON--(Marketwire - October 20, 2010) -  TM Forum and BT today announced the second phase of the Cloud Service Broker (CSB) Catalyst, a rapid development and demonstration project that explores some of the barriers to cloud adoption by enterprise customers.

The first phase of the Cloud Service Broker catalyst, which also involved Comptel Corporation, Infonova, OpenNMS Group and SquareHoop, showcased the delivery and operational governance of cloud resources in accordance with enterprise requirements in areas such as application performance, security and vendor lock-in. 

The second phase builds on this work to explore the potential for service provider's enterprise customers to themselves become Virtual Service Operators (VSOs). This multi-tenancy aspect of the Cloud Service Broker is demonstrated by providing multiple VSOs with end-to-end control of the concept-to-cash cycle, so that VSO product managers are able to define and manage the products they chose to offer, while billing for them at their own price points.

The CSB Catalyst will be demonstrated live within Forumville at TM Forum's Management World Americas conference, which is taking place from November 9 - 11, 2010, in Orlando, FL.

Key Facts

  • Originally developed by BT's Innovate & Design organization, the CSB Catalyst illustrates BT Global Services serving as a trusted provider of complex cloud services for enterprise customers.
  • Phase 2 of the CSB Catalyst explores and demonstrates the capabilities that are required to enable enterprise customers to operate as VSOs.
  • Part of TM Forum's Enabling Cloud Services initiative, the CSB Catalyst addresses many of the key concerns for cloud adoption facing buyers and sellers of cloud services. 
  • Comptel is providing an order portal and active service catalog to manage the different components of a service, as well as a service designer to aid the rapid assembly of cloud services. These concepts were initially demonstrated though previous Catalyst collaborations, namely the Product and Service Assembly (PSA) initiative and the Service Model Catalyst, with BT.
  • Infonova provided a billing catalog and billing engine to manage the monetization of cloud services in Phase 1 and in Phase 2 will expose the broader capabilities of its R6 platform to enable enterprise customers to be virtual operators of these services.
  • OpenNMS Group will provide service assurance for the cloud broker infrastructure, and performance monitoring in support of the Service Level Agreement (SLA), by performing synthetic transactions against the cloud-hosted service.

Supporting Quotes

  • "Through the CSB Catalyst, BT hopes to make complex cloud services a reality and a benefit for enterprises while providing the necessary levels of control they need over IT governance," said Gary Bruce, CSB Catalyst project leader, BT Innovate & Design. "We hope that the Catalyst will encourage the adoption of cloud services, and open up new revenue opportunities for VSOs, operators and cloud service providers alike."
  •  According to Aileen Smith, Senior Vice President of Collaboration & Research and Development, TM Forum, "The CSB Catalyst continues to gain momentum, this time exploring the core issues that service providers' enterprise customers face as they become Virtual Service Operators. These issues are important aspects of the TM Forum's Managing Cloud Services initiative, which continues to gain momentum, with a number of best practice and standards activities including business and technical requirements for Virtual Private Clouds and for Database-as-a-Service being actively driven by our Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (ECLC). We look forward to seeing the live demonstrations of this exciting catalyst."


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