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November 10, 2009 09:00 ET

TmaxSoft Launches OpenFrame 6.0 to U.S. Market

Uniquely Supports Hybrid Environment for Increased Flexibility During Migration to Open Systems

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 10, 2009) - TmaxSoft, Inc., a leader in enterprise system software, today announced the launch of OpenFrame 6.0. OpenFrame is TmaxSoft's sophisticated mainframe re-hosting software that automates the migration process of legacy mainframe systems to more flexible, cost-effective open environments. Built on an advanced middleware platform, OpenFrame has been proven to provide performance and reliability levels that meet or exceed those on the mainframe, while reducing operating expenses by 40-70 percent and achieving ROI in 12-18 months.

OpenFrame 6.0 enables companies to switch to an open system in phases, maintaining communication across a hybrid mainframe/open environment, without any disruption to business continuity or mission critical applications. Re-hosting with OpenFrame affords companies a standardized system environment, increased transparency, and reduced total cost of ownership, all at minimal risk and change to the organization. It additionally perpetuates modernization and forward thinking by facilitating the adoption of newer technologies on an open-system environment, without compromising the integrity of the legacy business logic and data.

Key Facts

  • Fully supports the concept of mainframe region including:
    • Enhanced region level management features
    • Communication between region
    • Enhanced communication with 3270 Terminal
    • Comprehensive CICS command support
  • Integrates with CA-EzPlus and supports EzPlus script through OpenFrame ProTrieve
  • Emulates core mainframe sort utilities such as SyncSort through OpenFrame ProSort
  • Includes enhanced JCL features that allow batch tasks to perform on an open system without modification
  • Offers data set management feature, providing code analyzer and conversion tool
  • Allows companies to "lift and shift" their existing COBOL and PL/I applications written for CICS and IMS-DC, JCL programs and RACF security policies into an open system with minimal or no modifications
  • Only industry solution enabling complete re-hosting of both online and batch environments to an open system
  • Highly scalable up to 7,500 MIPS and beyond
  • Provides solid foundation for implementing SOA and web services

Supporting Quotes

"We chose to migrate our system using OpenFrame because the trial migration produced good results and maintained the integrity of the migrated applications," said a System platform chief, Nomura Securities’ IT Platform Strategy Team. "Also, using OpenFrame to move to an open system platform offers an overall reduction in TCO, which was very important to us."

"OpenFrame is very precise in its automatic conversion of applications," said a project manager, Nissei Information Technology’s Next Generation System Promotion Division. "While re-hosting is typically conducted to facilitate migration without the need for additional coding, we were amazed with OpenFrame's emulation. We also finished the actual migration quickly and had enough time to test and optimize the system on the new platform. The project has certainly resulted in a lower TCO."

"With today's economic climate, many CIOs are looking for ways to save on mainframe support costs," said John Plato, vice president of sales, TmaxSoft. "With OpenFrame, companies are not only seeing significant savings in a very short time frame, but are also paving the way to maintain new technologies and industry innovations. What's more, migrating with OpenFrame causes minimal risk and impact to the organization, as compared to re-architecting from the ground up or replacing legacy systems with packaged applications."


About TmaxSoft

TmaxSoft is a global provider and innovator of advanced enterprise system software and legacy modernization software and solutions for re-hosting, re-architecting and new application development using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based approach. OpenFrame, TmaxSoft's sophisticated re-hosting software, has been used worldwide to migrate mission-critical IT systems from mainframe environments to more flexible and cost-efficient open systems. With the help of this solution, Samsung completed the largest mainframe re-hosting initiative ever.

TmaxSoft's products provide IT integrity, reliability, flexibility, and cost savings to more than 1,400 leading organizations throughout the world, including the U.S., Korea, Japan, and China. The company has facilitated more than 1,200 successful projects globally in various vertical industries including financial services, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

TmaxSoft, founded in 1997, has offices worldwide in South Korea, the U.S., China, and Japan, with more than 2,000 employees around the world. For more information about TmaxSoft, please visit

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