True North Consulting & Associates Inc.

True North Consulting & Associates Inc.

November 16, 2009 10:00 ET

TNC-A Small Innovative Canadian Firm Develops a Unique Solution to Assist Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Departments in Saving $700,000 or More Over 5 Years

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 16, 2009) - Today, Thomas Hough, President of True North Consulting & Associates Inc. (TNC), announced the initial business justification investigations completed on Clearica3 demonstrates positive results in improving workflows resulting in increased revenues, savings and better quality data within Diagnostic Imaging. Clearica3 is a TNC developed Operational Measurement Decision Support Software Tool.

During the past five months investigations have been conducted in selected Diagnostic Imaging departments on the benefits derived from Clearica3. Early results show the Diagnostic Imaging departments utilizing Clearica3 as their key tool in the re-engineering of modality workflows to increase performance are experiencing significant positive results.

As an example: A typical community hospital performing 190,000 to 200,000 Diagnostic Imaging exams annually can achieve over $700,000.00 in DI savings & increased revenue over a 5 year period. Thomas Hough today stated; "These are early results, however, the investigation indicates all modalities within Diagnostic Imaging will benefit from utilizing Clearica3 as the operational measurement tool to improve productivity. Based on the illustration above, for every dollar invested in Clearica3, a hospital's projected Return on Investment should be in the range of $1.97. As more work is done, it is anticipated more savings will be found resulting in an even higher rate of return".

Although results will vary from hospital to hospital based on a wide range of variables, performance improvements similar to this example are expected to be attainable in hospitals doing this volume of exams.

TNC has been successful in seeing & understanding optimization of productivity in Diagnostic Imaging and as a result has developed a solution to provide hospitals with the proper education, processes and tools to empower hospital staff to achieve the highest possible level of productivity. The end result will be increased operational revenues and savings and better patient care over sustained periods of time.

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Insightful thinking and Best Practice Methodologies have made TNC a trusted partner within the Diagnostic Imaging community for the past eleven years. As an independent third-party consultancy, TNC has gained a reputation for enabling healthcare facilities to attain their key strategic initiatives in less time, with lower cost and less risk - providing them with a much faster return on their investment. TNC's consortium of clinical, commercial and DI subject matter experts provide strategic consultation, change management and pragmatic implementation, focusing on accelerating operational efficiencies through new directions in healthcare technology solutions.

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