October 15, 2008 07:00 ET

TNS Cymfony Introduces New PR Measurement Model

"VERISMO" Fulfills Need for Communications Professionals and Their Stakeholders, Adds Clarity to Industry

WATERTOWN, MA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2008) - TNS Cymfony, a leader in analyzing market influence in social and traditional media, today announced the introduction of VERISMO, a customized PR measurement and evaluation approach to help public relations and communications professionals determine the impact of their efforts.

"Even though measurement has been a hot topic in the PR industry for years, communications professionals still struggle with the lack of clarity of what should be measured and how to relate these metrics to important goals," said TNS Cymfony president Andrew Bernstein. "The Verismo model is not your typical 'black box' or unexplained algorithm; TNS Cymfony has designed an initiative-based, custom score that is rooted in communications objectives, not in counting clips."

Developed as a best practice approach for TNS Cymfony clients, Verismo is constructed using a clear, concise set of components that capture the essential elements of successful communication. Unlike other PR measurement models, Verismo can be customized according to precise communications objectives, can help PR professionals to pinpoint areas of improvement, and can communicate results in a language stakeholders understand. The proprietary model is built on four broad elements of communications effectiveness:

--  Visibility
--  Reputation
--  Influence
--  Sentiment

TNS Cymfony defines and weights each of these components in collaboration with the client to reflect the company's goals and priorities resulting in a VRIS model, or "VERISMO." The Verismo score can be adjusted as communications objectives evolve thus addressing the reality of the rapid-paced business and media environment.

"Many PR measurement initiatives, despite myriad data points, fail to provide the metrics on which communications professionals and executives can clearly assess success," said Jim Nail, TNS Cymfony CMO. "Verismo helps practitioners demystify PR measurement and provides meaningful PR results that align directly with business goals."

A free whitepaper outlining the Verismo model is accessible through the TNS Cymfony website and will be distributed at the Institute of Public Relations (IPR) Summit on Measurement on October 15 - 17, 2008 in Portsmouth, NH.

About TNS Cymfony

TNS Cymfony tells brands and companies what people are saying about them -- whether the people are bloggers, traditional journalists or even influential consumers. TNS Cymfony sifts and interprets the millions of voices at the intersection of traditional and social media to gain insights that help companies identify the people, keep on top of the issues and respond to the trends impacting their business -- at the speed of the market. We call this approach to harnessing this new dynamic "market influence analytics."

TNS Cymfony pioneered the innovative technology to extract meaning from high volumes and diverse sources of text. U.S. intelligence agencies have been relying on our technology for more than eight years. We are an innovator in the integration of social and traditional media, offering access to the greatest breadth of content sources and analytical expertise.

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