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March 18, 2011 20:03 ET

To Help Ongoing Communications, Devicescape Details Working WiFi Hotspots in Japan's Disaster Stricken Areas

Thousands of Hotspots Working in Impacted Areas; Visit

SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwire - March 18, 2011) - Communication channels have been disrupted throughout Japan. In some areas, cellular and WiFi coverage have been completely wiped out. Many service providers are responding by offering help in the form of free long distance calling and SMS texting, as well as waiving fees for wireless calls. In an effort to help the region, Devicescape published a dedicated web page where people can find working hotspots throughout the country. The Easy WiFi Network for Japan is a resource for people to find and access available and working WiFi hotspots.

The Easy WiFi Network for Japan is a resource for people to find and access available and working WiFi hotspots. The Devicescape Web page contains a map of Japan showing both free-to-use hotspots and paid hotspots, which have demonstrated functional network access in the past 48 hours. This map allows people in Japan to find working WiFi hotspots. Simply visit the page to view a map of working WiFi hotspots there.

Devicescape will keep this special map of Japan updated for the duration of the crisis. There is also a global map available at that shows functional hotspots for the entire world. Furthermore, users who want easy access to this information on their laptop, smartphone or tablet can download the Easy WiFi app from Devicescape or their favorite app store.

"Access to all communications channels is critical during catastrophes. Emergency personnel, first responders, aid workers and individuals are all trying to stay connected," said Eric Gold, Vice President of Devicescape and General Manager of Japan. "Here at Devicescape, we are dedicated to helping people harness the power of WiFi to stay connected and informed. We built this Japan WiFi search page quickly using our global database of WiFi usage data in order to help our friends, family and colleagues in Japan."

"Immediately following Friday's large-magnitude earthquake and tsunami, Devicescape deployed a team to implement the Easy WiFi Network map for Japan to help identify functioning and available WiFi hotspots," said Dave Fraser, CEO of Devicescape. "We will continue to focus our energies to ensure the accuracy of the WiFi locations displayed on this map. Our hearts go out to our friends in Japan. We will do whatever we can to help keep WiFi communications lines open."

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