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June 13, 2008 01:00 ET

Together Industry Leaders Samco and Formia Think Globally

TORONTO--(Marketwire - June 13, 2008) - In today's global market, it's difficult to open the business section without finding a discussion of potential mergers and new business partnerships. Samco, a Canadian based company offering solutions such as roll former design for all sheet metal-based products, recently established a partnership with Formia Technology Group. The two companies have been dominant market forces for over thirty years; and the partnership represents the joining of two great industry minds and an increased global service area.

The SamcoFormia partnership combines Samco's strong presence in North America, Central America, and South America, and India with Formia's vast holdings in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the other countries of the former Soviet Union. The partnership will bring these two companies together to become a global supplier with local presence.

The mission of the partnership aims to construct a new "high-efficiency, high-tech sheet metal processing plant." This factory of the future would produce all aspects for the construction of steel houses in one location. Typically in the past a sole machine was purchased as the answer. The partnership plans to offer more than machinery alone, but rather, a purchasing "production capability."

Areas that have been identified for improvement consist of utilizing quicker, more efficient profiling machines that offer the latest in computer-aided manufacturing systems technology. In addition, the use of more efficient production control systems seeks to increase the productivity and overall effectiveness of individual machines. The upgrades on the production line seek to create more efficient lines, reducing overall line costs.

Both companies are familiar with the changing needs of the global marketplace. With the use of the best that custom roll former technology has to offer, these two industry giants are maximizing their abilities and, in turn, offering more comprehensive services globally.

As Joseph P. Repovs, Chairman and CEO of Samco Machinery, notes, "Since 1972, Samco Machinery has had the vision to be the world's leading roll forming equipment manufacturer. SamcoFormia Global will bring us towards that target by giving our World Class customers a wider product portfolio and better local presence."

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