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August 12, 2008 11:23 ET

Toilet Accessory Helps Clean Backsides of the Elderly, Disabled

BOULDER CITY, NV--(Marketwire - August 12, 2008) - According to the World Health Organization there are an estimated 650 million people with disabilities worldwide. For many of these individuals, performing mundane tasks can be difficult, including cleaning properly after going to the bathroom. Routine restroom stops can also prove challenging for the elderly, mainly due to arthritis and other age-related conditions.

As a result, a Nevada-based company has invented the Biffy, a special bidet attachment that allows users to clean their backsides without requiring any manual dexterity. Retailing for under $100, the unique device has seen strong demand from the senior and special needs markets.

"The Biffy is incredibly convenient and is able to help those who have experienced a loss of dignity due to their condition or circumstance," says Dr. Warren Smith, inventor and founder of the American Biffy Company.

"With a gentle push of a lever, the entire process is automatic, thoroughly rinsing a user's bottom clean," he adds.

Smith initially invented the Biffy for a 19-year-old patient with no arms below the elbows who required assistance. Since then, the product has grown into a popular accessory for those wanting an effective alternative to toilet paper.

The Biffy connects to any existing toilet in less than five minutes and uses a high pressure showerhead spray to clean its users with a single motion. When not in use, the product's anti-bacterial components hide discreetly under the toilet bowel rim.

Because of its ease-of-use and attractive, ergonomic design, the Biffy is considered a universal design (UD) product.

Universal design is a relatively new term that describes products or services that offer unique solutions because of their functionality and design. However, the phrase is not exclusive to the special needs community.

As a member of the Universal Design Alliance, the American Biffy Company is committed to improving the quality of life for its customers, particularly seniors and those with disabilities.

"The Biffy is able to help a wide spectrum of individuals," notes Smith. "Those suffering from CVA, hemorrhoids, incontinence, constipation, STDs, urinary tract infections, dementia and immobility issues would all greatly benefit."

He concludes, "It also promotes great hygiene, eliminating potential hand contamination for both user and caregiver."

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