November 19, 2013 16:05 ET

TokBox Launches WebRTC Archiving and Android

Most Requested Features Now Ready for Developers to Plug and Play

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2013) - Developers working with WebRTC can now build native applications for Android, archive and playback live video communications within their application, and take advantage of a range of enterprise-grade quality-enhancing features, all thanks to four new developments from TokBox which launched today.

Extending the popular OpenTok 2.0 Platform, TokBox released the range of new features at the WebRTC Expo and Conference in response to a growing demand from the developer community and product managers.

OpenTok Archiving & Playback, released today into beta, allows developers to simply add video stream recording for their live video chat applications, save the conversation into a single H.264/AAC MP4 file, and download or stream it through the player of their choice.

The Android SDK for WebRTC for the first time allows developers to build WebRTC video chat functionality into native Android apps using the OpenTok Platform.

TokBox also released other enterprise-grade quality-enhancing features, including:

  • Dynamic Frame Rate Control: developers can allocate frame rates to video streams in real time based on application logic. This allows developers to decide where they want to spend constrained bandwidth resources to deliver the best experience for their users; and

  • TURN over TCP: allowing WebRTC applications to run in environments previously restricted by many corporate firewalls.

Ian Small, TokBox CEO, commented, "As the WebRTC community continues to grow, we continue to listen and provide the most advanced and requested capabilities so developers can just build great products. Archiving & Playback and native support for Android have been the most requested features from developers and enterprises alike over the past year. Our ongoing mission is to provide developers with the best tools for creating innovative websites and mobile applications incorporating live video. We're trying to make it both easy for developers to build, and to improve the experience for their users."

Nick Dillon, Ovum Senior Analyst, commented, "WebRTC has the potential to fundamentally change the way we view and use voice and video communications as it allows them to be easily embedded into applications, rather than having to use stand-alone services. However, on its own WebRTC is nothing more than an enabling technology, and so managed platforms will be key to driving uptake. Such platforms enable non-technical teams within enterprises to easily add voice and video communications to their applications, potentially transforming the way they interact with their customers."

OpenTok, launched in 2010, has been used by tens of thousands of developers to add live video to their websites or mobile applications. TokBox was amongst the first to support WebRTC when it launched OpenTok for WebRTC in 2012, and was the first platform to support the addition of live video chat to iOS.

OpenTok Archiving & Playback is free during the beta period, with no download or playback limits. The Android SDK for WebRTC is currently in open beta. Dynamic Frame Rate Control and TURN over TCP are live in production for users of the OpenTok Platform.

About TokBox
TokBox, a Telefónica Digital company, develops and operates the OpenTok Video Platform, making it fast and easy to add live video communications into online and mobile websites, apps and services. The scalable, customizable platform gives users the creative freedom to develop any video interaction, from one-to-one chats to large-scale broadcasts.

The first platform to incorporate support for WebRTC, OpenTok caters to enterprises, entrepreneurs and developers with powerful APIs, a global cloud infrastructure, and pre-configured solutions. OpenTok has been used to add video communications to more than 70,000 services by companies including Major League Baseball, Diet Coke, Ford, Doritos, Bridgestone and Double Robotics.

TokBox is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

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