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September 23, 2009 08:00 ET

Tokoni, Inc. Launches Community Platform to Enable Two-Way Dialogue Between Customers and Brands

Organizations and Individuals Leverage Personal Experiences and Stories to Build Brand Affinity, Improve Customer Experiences

CUPERTINO, CA--(Marketwire - September 23, 2009) - Tokoni, Inc, a community-building company shaping the next generation of social media, today launched the Tokoni Community Platform, a branded community offering for companies and organizations. The Tokoni platform enables brands looking to create customized social media communities to build brand loyalty and foster a deeper client-customer relationship. Now available to the public, the offering enables brands to create a two-way dialog with constituents and consumers on the Web -- leveraging individual experiences, feedback and brand-related stories to better engage customers and increase voice and reach. To date, Tokoni has created white-labeled communities for Meg Whitman's Gubernatorial campaign, eBay and political organization WomenCount, in addition to its own and Tekarma properties.

Tokoni's platform is a complete management solution for turning social media conversations into customer insight, offering a way to optimize consumer stories and experiences to drive business and brand objectives. The resulting interactive communities provide clients and marketers with a brand-building tool that helps them truly leverage the collective voice of users to improve customer experiences and drive word of mouth on the Web. In addition, feedback and contributions can be used to inform and improve product development and marketing efforts.

"As the Internet becomes more social and participatory in nature, it is shaking up how all kinds of brands interact with their constituencies, from political candidates like Meg Whitman, to consumer brands like eBay," said Alex Kazim, CEO, Tokoni. "Smart organizations and individuals have realized that the way to engage with your customer-base is through a two-way conversation, and our tools help organizations get that dialog started."

Available to individuals and organizations, Tokoni's platform has been leveraged by companies and political candidates, including:

--  WomenCount, a non-profit political organization that gives women a
    voice in the political process; Tokoni built a dedicated hub on
    to enable WomenCount to learn and discuss which issues facing Americans
    have the most impact on women. The hub provided the first-hand experiences
    the organization needed to support its bill (currently in Congress) to
    create the first-ever Presidential Council on Women.
--; Tokoni built the community to help California
    Gubernatorial candidate Whitman connect with constituents, enable voters to
    speak out on issues of importance to them and create a collective voice for
--  eBay; In July, eBay internally launched eBay Stories to capture
    stories as they are told, remembered and discovered by employees, buyers
    and sellers.

Tokoni communities (are):

--  Inclusive; Recognize that everyone has a voice that should be heard,
    and stories are shared on a level playing field.
--  Timeless; Stories have value for brand building and product
    development, even if they may not be immediately newsworthy.
--  Enable Meaningful Connections; Story sharing offers a deeper level of
    information, emotion and involvement.
--  Provide Relevant Data; Users talk about your brand but also
    themselves, revealing information you never have otherwise known.

Brands and individuals can work with Tokoni to create communities in one of the following ways:

--  Create branded Web sites that feature stories from the company and its
    audiences; connect customers with various social media such as Facebook,
    Twitter and YouTube; and help companies mine customer feedback and stories
    to increase reach, improve customer experiences and inform product
--  Create dedicated hubs on, enabling companies to easily and
    quickly build a following; encourage constituent storytelling, discussion
    and feedback; and mine information to improve customer experiences and
    inform product development.

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Tokoni, Inc. is a company dedicated to shaping the next generation of social media by creating communities that allow anyone, anywhere, to have a voice. Founded in August 2007 by former eBay and Skype executives, Tokoni breaks down social content and connection barriers and leverages the Web's natural ability to enable a shared understanding around issues, individuals and brands. Tokoni's first community,, launched in 2008, makes it possible for people to share their diverse stories and life experiences to entertain, inform, influence and inspire others. Additional communities created by Tokoni, Inc., include the online voter support community for Meg Whitman's California gubernatorial campaign, and the product support social media destination,, currently in beta. Headquartered in Cupertino, CA, Tokoni, Inc. is a privately held company funded in part by eBay and Pierre Omidyar. More information about Tokoni, Inc. is available at

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