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March 23, 2011 06:42 ET

Tokutek Enables Big Data Scalability on MySQL With Support for Hot Schema Changes

TokuDB v5.0 Targets Business Agility With Online Indexing, Online Column Addition, and Increased Performance

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 23, 2011) - Structure Big Data 2011 conference -- Tokutek, the leader in query acceleration and index scalability for MySQL, today announced TokuDB™ v5.0 for both MySQL and MariaDB. With this release, Tokutek offers Hot Indexing and Hot Column Addition/Deletion as well as full MVCC support. Instead of waiting hours or even days to build targeted queries or revise their data model, customers are now able to perform near real-time analysis on live production data and take advantage of dynamic business opportunities. Companies can thus capitalize on evolving market conditions, respond to changing business needs, and maintain larger and more comprehensive databases without being held back by database inflexibility.

TokuDB v5.0 builds on Tokutek's proven Fractal Tree™ technology, used by MySQL and MariaDB customers worldwide to increase their performance by 20x-80x and scale from gigabytes to terabytes. By improving the speed of index insertions, and by eliminating index "aging" and "fragmentation," TokuDB allows customers to create a rich set of indexes and queries for valuable analysis with quick response times. With TokuDB, customers can be confident that their database can grow without the burden of stop-gap, time consuming, disruptive workarounds such as partitions or defragmentation (i.e., dump/reload).

TokuDB v5.0 Product Overview

Exceptional Agility -- Hot Schema Changes allow read/write operations during index creation or column/field addition

  • Makes changes in seconds to minutes -- no need to go offline for hours or days
  • Ensures queries run fast with real-time, optimized index support
  • Allows business' data models to immediately adapt to rapidly changing market condition
  • Lets business analysts and DBAs spend less time preparing for analysis and more time doing analyses

Unmatched Speed -- Fractal Tree indexes are optimized for index insertion performance

  • Delivers 20x or faster insertion rates -- 80x seen in actual customer deployment
  • Accelerates queries with covering indexes and clustering indexes
  • Removes query slow-down due to index aging
  • Uses all available CPU cores for parallelized new table and index loading: 1M rows per second or more

Maximum Scalability -- Fractal Tree index performance scales even as the primary index exceeds available RAM

  • Avoids difficult-to-update, inflexible, schema-limiting partitions
  • Compresses data by 5x to 15x
  • Allows tables to seamlessly grow larger
  • Eliminates maintenance operations (dumps/reloads) due to fragmentation-free Fractal Tree indexes

TokuDB continues to be the ideal choice for complex / high-volume applications that require fast response time and that must simultaneously store and query large volumes of rapidly arriving data. These include social networking, real-time clickstream analysis, logfile analysis, eCommerce Personalization and high-speed webcrawling applications. TokuDB is fully compatible with MySQL and MariaDB and is fully ACID compliant.


"Customers engaged in real-time Web 2.0 activities, such as click-stream analysis and advertising, have to deal with a flood of incoming big data and act quickly on it. Relational databases are designed to deliver powerful and rich query capabilities, but until now, they haven't been able to build indexes or queries on the fly to keep up with so-called 'webscale' data rates," said John Partridge, CEO of Tokutek. "With TokuDB v5.0, customers no longer have to go offline to implement new campaign plans and test new algorithms. Revenue optimization for online commerce can now happen in real-time because TokuDB v5.0 upgrades the LAMP technology stack to handle Web 2.0's data management needs."

"I am very excited about TokuDB v5.0 because new columns and new indexes are added in an online fashion. With this new version, it is not necessary to schedule downtime or switchover from a primary to a secondary server to add new columns or indexes," observed Sheeri Cabral, Database Operations Manager at PalominoDB. "Business analysts will not have to wait hours or days for a new index to make their queries faster and release engineers will breathe a sigh of relief if a new column needs to be added. It will definitely make my job a lot easier."

"We're dealing with millions of logs/day -- a rate that is continuing to grow. TokuDB has allowed us to efficiently manage this by enabling us to cluster by time stamp, a highly effective alternative to partitioning." According to Ernie Souhrada, Chief IT Architect at Jawa. "With the introduction of Hot Schema Changes in TokuDB v5.0, Tokutek makes deriving value out of a large MySQL database simple, giving us the option to much more easily analyze our data and generate value for our business. CEO Jason Hope and Jawa are pleased with the partnership with Tokutek."

"Tokutek fulfills an important role at the juncture of information management and storage. The company understands that at the end of the day it's all about simplifying operations, reducing downtime, and driving down cost," said Joseph Martins of the Data Mobility Group. "With the introduction of agile and online operations (Hot Schema Changes) in TokuDB v5.0, Tokutek ensures MySQL can be used in environments that were previously limited to the largest of enterprise database vendors."

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