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Wedge Networks Inc.

November 16, 2009 09:02 ET

Tolly Group Report Applauds Wedge Networks' BeSecure Appliance in Combating Malware

Dedicated Malware Solutions are Essential in Supporting UTM Appliances

CALGARY, ALBERTA AND NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Nov. 16, 2009) - Today at Interop NYC Wedge Networks (Wedge), the leader in high performance network based Web security solutions, is pleased to announce The Tolly Group has released a report that commends Wedge's BeSecure NDP-2040 Web Security Appliance and its unbeatable protection against malware attacks. The report also confirms that Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices cannot provide blanket protection and recommends a supplementary solution, such as Wedge Networks BeSecure, for maximum malware detection and blocking.

"The BeSecure Web Security Appliance performed extremely well in Tolly's real-world testing, maintaining high throughput with comprehensive malware detection and blocking," says Kevin Tolly. "When compared to a leading UTM solution, the results clearly show BeSecure is superior for malware detection and blocking."

Wedge Networks BeSecure NDP-2040 Web Security Appliance blocks 100 percent of WildList viruses, 98 percent of VX (Virus) Heavens virus while Fortinet, the leading UTM vendor only block 86 percent of WildList viruses and 23.3 percent of the VX Heavens viruses. Wedge consistently outperforms the competitor in performance tests across a range of 10KB to 10MB payloads of clean and infected traffic. This large gap in performance and accuracy leaves organizations with only UTM appliances vulnerable to malicious attacks and virus outbreaks which can result in lost revenue, data and productivity.

Both The Tolly Group and Wedge Networks agree high scanning performance is ultimately based on high security accuracy. While today's UTM products provide effective firewalling capability, they have low malware detection rates with poor performance. By installing a complementary solution, such as BeSecure Web Security Appliance, companies will experience comprehensive anti-virus detection without compromising network performance.

"While it's essential for enterprises and service providers to deploy effective anti-malware solutions that protect the entire network, Next-Generation Firewalls (NGF) and UTM appliances do not provide complete security coverage for Web 2.0 threats," says Dr. Hongwen Zhang, president and CEO of Wedge Networks. "Organizations using these devices experience malware problems and don't understand why. Adding the BeSecure appliance to a company's IT infrastructure will offer the most accurate and manageable solution to protect a network."

For more detailed results from The Tolly Group report and how a dedicate malware solution can increase the security of UTM appliances please visit

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Wedge Networks provides high performance network-based web security solutions to organizations worldwide. Its technology leadership in deep content inspection allows companies to protect against new and emerging web-based threats that traditional scanning methods have difficulty intercepting and controlling. Specialized in malicious-code detection and filtering at the network layer, Wedge Networks' solutions touch millions of users and provide protection for utilities, service providers, health care, oil and gas, government, web sites, and many other customers from SMBs to enterprises. Wedge Networks is headquartered in Calgary, Canada and has international offices in San Jose, California and Beijing, China. For more information, please visit

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Wedge Networks' award-winning BeSecure Web Gateway appliance allows enterprises and service providers the ability to detect, block and defend against web-based malicious attacks that steal data, disrupt networks and damage credibility. The BeSecure suite of products include: BeSecure Web Gateway, BeSecure Spam-Filter Module, and BeSecure Web-Filter Module.

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