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November 13, 2008 15:54 ET

Tolly Group Validates Performance and Usability of the Anue Systems 5204 Tool Aggregator With "Up to Spec" Certification

Independent Networking Test Lab Tests and Certifies the Anue 5204 Tool Aggregator

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - November 13, 2008) - Anue Systems, the market and technology leader in network visibility solutions, today announced that The Tolly Group, a premier independent technology test lab, has validated the performance and throughput of the Anue Systems 5204 Tool Aggregator. The tests evaluated functionality, throughput, and ease-of-use under real world network conditions, and The Tolly Group awarded the device with the "Up to Spec" certification.

The Anue 5204 Tool Aggregator directly addresses a key challenge facing Fortune 2000 data centers -- namely the escalating need to manage and monitor enterprise networks with an ever increasing number of tools including: application monitors, security devices, protocol analyzers, and data recorders. Anue's Tool Aggregator helps companies quickly and effortlessly deploy network tools by allowing multiple tools to simultaneously share scarce SPAN ports. Additionally, the Anue 5200 can aggregate traffic from multiple SPAN ports to a single tool to cost effectively increase monitoring coverage.

Key test results include:

--  Aggregation - Full line-rate performance with zero dropped packets
    when aggregating traffic from 23 network ports to one monitoring tool.
    This capability allows one monitoring tool to cost effectively monitor a
    broad range traffic.
--  Broadcasting - Zero-loss performance when broadcasting traffic from
    one SPAN port to 23 network tool ports.  This functionality allows
    monitoring tools to share scarce SPAN and TAP access ports.
--  Filtering - 100% filter accuracy.  Filtering increases the efficiency
    and accuracy of monitoring tools by delivering each tool just the data they

Ease-of-use was validated by use of the Aggregation Control Panel, the product's intuitive, "drag 'n drop" GUI. The Anue 5204's easy-to-use Smart Filtering, which eliminates the burden for users to write complex filter rules, was validated for accuracy, even under complex overlapping filter conditions.

"With so many new technology products on the market, it is important to customers that product claims are accurate," said Kevin Tolly, President, CEO, and founder of The Tolly Group. "Our evaluation of the Anue Systems 5204 Tool Aggregator proved that the product delivers on the company's promises of full line rate performance up to 10Gbps, 100% accuracy of advanced filtering, and ease-of-use."

"As network complexity continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to adopt the latest technologies for managing that complexity," said Hemi Thaker, President and CEO of Anue Systems, Inc. "The Tool Aggregator provides a powerful and intuitive solution to improving utilization of network and application monitoring tools. The Tolly Group's 'Up to Spec' certification proves that the product meets and exceeds its billing. Every company with monitoring tools and a limited number of network mirror ports can benefit from the 5204, particularly in tough economic times when managers are being asked to do more with less."

The Anue Systems 5204 Tool Aggregator is currently available in various configurations, from a simple system with four active 1GbE ports, to a more robust 24 1GbE and four 10GbE unit. Please see for further information.

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The Tolly Group is a leading global provider of third-party validation services for vendors of IT products, components and services. The company is based in Boca Raton, Florida, and can be reached by phone at (561) 391-5610, or via the Internet at or

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Anue Systems is the market and technology leader in network visibility solutions. The Austin, Texas based company was founded in 2002 and is a leading provider of WAN Emulation and Tool Aggregation solutions. The world's leading network equipment vendors, enterprises, and service providers use Anue's WAN Emulators to see and test the real impact of the wide area network on networked applications. Fortune 2000 companies use Anue's 5200 Series Tool Aggregators to provide their data center network tools the visibility they need to secure and monitor their networked applications. Anue Systems has over 500 customers worldwide. For more information please visit

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