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September 02, 2015 23:39 ET

Tony Amaradio -- Shares His Experience of Living a Balanced and Obedient Life

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - September 02, 2015) - A California-based businessman and financial services expert is reaching out to share his experience of using balance and obedience to live a harmonious, happy, and spiritually fulfilled life. Tony Amaradio, MBA, aims to use his advice to help people who may be struggling in terms of business or just in general life by sharing the knowledge and skills he has gained throughout his career.

Amaradio -- who received his business school training at the Universities of Detroit and Michigan -- is seeking to pass on his knowledge regarding obedience in Christianity, offering a fresh viewpoint and perspective on the role of obedience within the Christian faith. For Amaradio, it all comes down to intent and willingness: "If we are to live balanced and fulfilled lives, we must embrace obedience to God without reluctance, and our desire to give and be philanthropic must not be born from that obedience, but instead from our willingness to help our fellow man."

In his 2009 book, Faithful with Much: Breaking Down the Barriers to Generous Giving, co-authored with his wife, Carin, Amaradio elaborated on this idea: "From the beginning we knew we needed counsel from mature, godly men and women. They helped us evaluate and select the ministries and causes to support, and together we saw God increase our investment for His glory," the power couple wrote in their book. "This experience only deepened our passion for evangelism. From reluctant giving on through obedient and joyful giving, finally we were entering the realm of passionate giving that God had prepared for us."

It is this concept of passionate giving -- of embracing generosity and philanthropy -- that Amaradio is encouraging. By wholeheartedly embracing it, with no ulterior motivation or intent, he believes that we can fulfill the roles that God has put aside for us. Tony Amaradio describes his book as a handbook aimed at helping people become "wise stewards of God's money." In his words, the book is a call for people to move to a level, which enables them to experience passion and "a profound sense" of joy from giving and generosity, and thus achieving balance, satisfaction and godly fulfillment in life.

Tony Amaradio is the founding member and a chief strategist at Select Portfolio Management, Inc. His years of innovative strategic work and applied business vision have enabled him to develop a strong reputation in the field of wealth management. Following these successes, he put together a team, which could handle all elements of wealth management -- including the legal, financial and taxation aspects of the business -- strengthening his reputation even further. Tony Amaradio is a sought-after public speaker who assists non-profit organizations with their donor development, as well as an author, radio talk show host and philanthropist.

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