September 02, 2010 10:00 ET

Too Old To Celebrate Your Birthday...Think Again

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Sept. 2, 2010) - The month of September will see a brand new opportunity for Canadians, especially those too old to want to celebrate or acknowledge their birthdays. Nonsense, UEnd says! We say… go ahead and throw yourself that birthday party, you have earned it. Even have a cake if you want, be sure to blow out those candles and make your wish. We ask that you make a wish to change the world. How? By hosting a birthday party UEnd-style.

Baydala, UEnd's Executive Director says, "we want people who have September birthdays to throw that party and instead of gifts invite your friends to help you change the world." September celebrants can go to the website, from this link, log in to the website and add yourself to the campaign page. Pick a project that is close to your heart and ask your friends to give you the best gift you will ever receive; a gift that changes the world.

So go on… let's make Birthday parties over the age of 30 worth celebrating again. Celebrate your birthday UEnd style!

About UEnd

UEnd is a Calgary based not for profit that gives tools to the everyday person to get involved in changing the world. We have eliminated the barriers for people to help change things for better all over the globe. We do this through education, transparent project partners, a consistent, sustainable and proven methodology for project delivery and an online gift card system that allows you to control where and how you want your gift to be spent; which ultimately give you power over how you get involved in changing the world.

September Birthday Campaign: http://www.uend.org/dt/september

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