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June 24, 2013 13:35 ET

Top 10 Brands in the Airline Industry With the Most Loyal Fans on Facebook

The Broadest Brand Tracker on Facebook, LoudDoor's New Brand Satisfaction Platform Conducts the Largest Facebook Market Research Study

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - June 24, 2013) -  LoudDoor, one of the most powerful engines for Facebook data analysis, understands that the #1 concern of social media managers today is measuring the effect that social media campaigns have on potential consumers. To gain a nuanced picture of how a brand's social media engagement is working, LoudDoor has used its Brand Satisfaction dashboard to provide insightful brand loyalty feedback with intricate analysis of a brand's Facebook Fans. Every month, millions of anonymous Facebook responses for top brands across all industries are summarized in the Brand Satisfaction insights dashboard, and the data is taken to calculate a brand's Net Promoter Score®* (NPS).

This month, LoudDoor has taken the latest data to reveal the airline brands with the most loyal fans on Facebook. Based solely on their NPS®, following are the Top 10 brands in the airline industry:

1. Southwest Airlines
2. Air New Zealand
3. Virgin Atlantic
4. Jetblue Airways
5. Alaska Airlines
6. Allegiant
7. Air Canada
8. US Airways
9. Virgin America
10. EL AL Israel Airlines USA

But Brand Satisfaction can provide much more sophisticated information than simply the number of a brand's Fans or Likes -- it allows brands to filter through key traits and characteristics, providing a highly specific idea of what types of consumers truly support a brand. Let's take a look at what happens to the NPS® of these same airline brands when the data is further segmented by selecting only Fans of these Pages who spend $1,000/month or more in the following 3 categories: vacation travel, business travel, and vacation and business travel combined, as you can see in the attached images.

As these results reveal, you can see how brand affinity increases and is measured more accurately when filtered by different segments of travelers. Take Southwest Airlines, for example: when sampling the Fans on its Facebook Page, Southwest Airlines scored an NPS® of 36.3. When we look specifically at its Fans who spend $1000+/month on business and vacation travel, its NPS® jumps to 54.4. That enormous difference shows marketers exactly where they can target their campaigns, and to what types of consumers. Greater specificity yields greater results, and eliminates inefficiency and waste.

"Knowledge is power, and Brand Satisfaction provides unparalleled knowledge. The insights that are revealed are not just general numbers, but highly sophisticated data that show exactly who is engaging most with a brand," says David Guy, CEO of LoudDoor. "Brand Satisfaction provides information that shows the attitudes, behaviors, and motivations of a brand's Facebook Fans and consumers, and this is the essential data that informs successful marketing. Pair this with our LikeMatch tool, an added social intelligence data layer, to create a list of over-indexing Likes and Interests for each audience segment and suddenly you have the capability to directly target your ideal customers and get more of them to engage with your brand's Facebook Page."

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