June 04, 2007 16:06 ET

Top 10 Myths of Information Security: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - June 4, 2007) - No one wants to think their most sensitive personal and financial data could be lost or stolen. It is a nightmare scenario: a single compromised computer can cost an organization millions in recovery costs, not to mention its hard-earned reputation. Yet most business people are woefully unprepared for the growing threat of information theft. They assume that they are fully protected by passwords, anti-virus software, and other security precautions. They might as well believe in the Easter Bunny.

In a Special Report titled Top Ten Myths of Information Security, Daniel H. Harris, founder and president of, an international Information Technology consulting firm, exposes the most common fallacies associated with data protection, such as:

--  Password protection is an oxymoron.  Any hacker who knows how to read
    can probably break through a password barrier faster than you can remember
    your username.
--  E-mail is an open book.  A single e-mail message will make hundreds,
    maybe thousands, of stops on other public systems before it reaches its
    intended destination.
--  Kids are a security risk!  When your children install "shareware"
    programs for pictures, videos or MP3's they open the files on your home
    computer to anyone who really wants to look.
--  You can't rely on firewalls.  Firewalls are designed to protect you
    against threats from the outside, but the biggest threats are found within
    the four walls of your own office.
--  A bad day "phishing" beats a good day working.  Do your vendors
    regularly ask you to update sensitive account information using a secure e-
    mail link?  Actually, this is probably just a scam called "phishing," and
    it causes serious problems for individuals and businesses.
--  Laptops are incubators for computer viruses.  We all love the mobility
    of wireless computing, but every time you sign onto a WiFi network at your
    local coffee shop, hotel or anywhere else, you stand a good chance of
    picking up whatever bugs are floating around that network.
--  Don't turn your back.  Laptops have a way of disappearing, left behind
    in rental cars and airplanes or simply stolen.  An enterprising thief
    realizes your data is worth a lot more than the machine itself.
The report concludes that while no security system is foolproof, there are specific actions businesspeople can take to better protect themselves, their data and their organizations. The first, and perhaps the most important step, is to become fully aware of the grave threat posed by information theft.

For additional information or a free copy of the complete, 11-page report, contact Daniel H. Harris at (773) 868-4381 or

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