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October 06, 2009 15:00 ET

Top 10 Tips to Get Out of Credit Card Debt (Free Download) Offered by

Consumer Advocate Offers Consumers a Free Valuable Download With the Best and Most Valuable Tips Today for Getting Out of Credit Card Debt

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Credit Card Debt

With credit card debt continuing to be a drain on the economy and with the U.S. unemployment rate now officially at its highest in 26 years (9.8%) offers consumers a timely free download of the top 10 valuable tips to those consumers who are seeking debt relief. This free guide can be downloaded at the company's website as noted below.

Debt Relief

These debt relief tips touch on the more practical steps as well as bold steps which can be placed in motion immediately. Consumers will find both fine guidance as well as insightful inspiration to begin the process of taking steps to gain debt relief for themselves and their families. One important aspect wishes to impress upon consumers is that debt relief is indeed possible today and is certainly achievable.


Another aspect which wishes to impress upon consumers is that for all practical purposes, bankruptcy should never be considered as a means towards finding debt relief. The reason for this is that contrary to what the bankruptcy lawyers lead people to believe in their tacky TV commercials, bankruptcy does not end all debt collection attempts, and even more so -- personal property including homes can still be seized even though a bankruptcy petition has been filed.

With the free publication of the Top 10 Tips To Get Out of Credit Card Debt, consumers can implement steps to deal with credit card debt, whether it be large or small, and eliminate the need to ever consider a bankruptcy filing. offers consumers a free debt evaluation which they can take advantage of at the company's website: has been a leader in the debt relief field for over 5 years. Their debt management professionals educate consumers on all the options available to get out of debt. helps consumers make the most informed decision possible so that they may find true debt relief and get their financial lives back on track.

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