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May 19, 2006 21:05 ET

Top 200 Companies Heading to Liquidity in Next 12-36 Months

Capital Formation Benchmark Data and Company Metrics

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 19, 2006 -- AlphaCap is proud to announce our list of the Top 200 companies that are heading towards a liquidity event in the next 12-36 months. Our list was drawn from our master list of over 1,500 promising emerging growth companies. All lists are subjective and our list is no different. The primary criteria we used to select companies for inclusion on our list was the probability of a liquidity event in 36 months or less.

The Top 200 Companies, or Cap Ax's as we like to call them, are included in our "Cap Ax's Report." Our Cap Ax's Report also contains our observations and predictions on the factors impacting capital formation. In addition, the Report has valuable funding data, company valuation metrics, post funding round dilution estimates, annual exit data (e.g. IPO versus M&A metrics), etc. that have been compiled from numerous sources. The Cap Ax's Report is intended to be a valuable reference and resource document.

Our Top 200 companies employ more than 42,000 people and have raised more than $14 Billion in capital. On average, our Top 200 companies have raised approximately $71 Million dollars each. On average, Hardware companies raised approximately $113 Million each, which was the highest. Services companies on average raised approximately $36 Million each, which was the lowest. Software companies in our Top 200 on average raised approximately $44 Million each. Excluding one outlier, we roughly estimate that the average time since inception for our Top 200 is approximately 6.9 years.

Stanford Group Company provided the following in its Foreword regarding the Top 200 Companies: "Congratulations to the Top 200 Private Companies recognized in the 2006 Cap Ax's Report. We at Stanford Group Company appreciate the fortitude and persistence it takes to create a world class company."

In addition to congratulations, Professor David Brophy at the University of Michigan shared the following observations on how technology is affecting capital formation and management in his Foreword: "Technology offers the opportunity to reduce administrative costs and burdens to portfolio companies, investment managers, limited partners and intermediaries while increasing the transparent flow of information. Greater transparency would help reduce the potential for fraud associated with private capital investments."

To view an abstract of the Cap Ax's Report and/or buy a copy, please go to . When you purchase a copy of the Report, you will be granted electronic access to additional company information that is not included in the printed Report. The companies can be searched by Industry, Investor, Team Member, Board, etc. Target audiences for the Report include: Private Companies seeking funding, High-Net Angel Capitalists, Investment and Commercial Bankers, Hedge Funds, LPs, Investment Managers, e.g. VCs, PEs, etc. If you have any questions, please contact Rick Juarez at 925-249-1684, Ext. 100 or our sales and marketing group at 925-249-1684, Extension 315.

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