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March 30, 2016 11:08 ET

Top 5 Spring Skin Care Tips Presented by Beauty Research

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NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 30, 2016) -  Women are born with only one complexion, and many of the characteristics of a woman's skin are determined at birth, as ladies tend to be one skin type for their entire lives. Environment still plays a role in skin health, though, and changes in weather can have a big impact on the texture and appearance of the complexion. As a result, experts recommend that women change their skin care regimens with each season to account for differences in weather patterns. The latest article by, "Top 5 Spring Skin Care Tips," provides tips for adjusting a springtime skin care routine and addressing dermatological concerns that are lingering from the winter months.

Air tends to be drier during the winter months, which can lead to skin becoming dry, rough and dull. How can women promote a softer, smoother complexion now that winter has come to an end? What types of products are best for restoring a healthy glow and removing dead winter skin? Why should women pay special attention to their lips with the start of spring? To find out, visit or click

As the weather becomes more pleasant with the arrival of spring, women often begin spending more time outdoors. What is the most important thing that women need to remember to do for their skin before going outside in the spring? Why is it important? Which products are used for this crucial spring skin care step? To find out, visit or click

With the arrival of spring, there is more moisture in the air, and conditions typically become more humid as summer approaches. How should women adjust their skin care regimen to keep their complexions hydrated during the spring? What should women with oily and combination skin do for their complexions in the spring months? Which products should ladies with dry skin use? To find out, visit or click

Skin care tools can be beneficial for use year round, and the spring is a great time to start using one particular tool that is very beneficial for all complexions. What is this helpful skin care tool? How does it work? Why should women consider purchasing one for their daily skin care regimens? To find out, visit or click

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