SOURCE: Elan Digital Systems Ltd.

July 12, 2005 07:39 ET

Top Chinese and Far Eastern Wireless Modem Card Manufacturers Choose Elan VMB5000 PCMCIA Bridge

FAREHAM, HAMPSHIRE, UK -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 12, 2005 -- Chinese and Far Eastern Wireless Modem Card designers have been quick to recognise the key user benefits Elan Digital's purpose-built single chip PCMCIA bridge delivers for the latest iterations of their 3G and HSDPA wireless modem cards. Currently the chips have been designed in to a number of new products which will shortly be released into the fast-moving wireless marketplace.

The most important benefit is proving to be the inherent stability of the PCMCIA 16-bit design resulting in a greatly enhanced user experience. Elan Digital guarantees data throughput for 3G applications matching that of the Cardbus 32-bit chips. These 32-bit chips were designed for motherboard applications and do not always perform reliably when faced with the vagaries of PCMCIA interfaces across diverse PC platforms. The versatility of the design of the VMB5000 means that it will also support PDA and Smartphone applications.

Elan's Managing Director, Julian Barnard, comments, "Until the release of the VMB5000, chip designers had little choice but to employ 32-bit Cardbus host controller devices in their products. I am convinced that this has created a mythological belief that only Cardbus can deliver the necessary data transfer speeds. Elan's innovative chip design has now proved that this myth can now be dispelled."

The VMB5000 chip offers the unusual combination of lowest cost plus best performance and is set to become an important differentiator in the increasingly competitive Wireless Modem Card market place.

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Known for their expertise in innovative designs, Elan has a number of international design patents related to their own proprietary products.

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