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October 05, 2015 15:00 ET

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Human Genomic Variation Database Launched for Clinical Use -
(Oct 2) A team of National Institutes of Health (NIH) supported scientists are developing the first database of human genomic variation, to aid in disease discovery research.

Increased Calcium Uptake Ineffective at Preventing Fractures -
(Oct 2) Two studies published in The BMJ have warned that recommending calcium supplementation to prevent fractures, is ineffective at improving bone health in older individuals.

Napp Pharmaceuticals Unhappy With Slow NHS Uptake of Biosimilar -
(Oct 1) The UK's National Health Service (NHS) is dragging their heels in recommending the biosimilar form of the drug Remicade, according to Napp Pharmaceuticals.

Medical Device Counts Leukocytes Without a Blood Test -
(Oct 1) A team of bioengineers from multiple countries are developing a device to measure the body's level of white blood cells, without ever pricking the skin.

Aspirin May Prolong Life of Cancer Patients -
(Sep 30) A new study of 14,000 patients who had cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, found that those patients who regularly took aspirin were two times as likely to be alive after 4 years, compared to those that did not take the drug.

Why Does Smoking Cause Lung Disease in Some, But Not Others? -
(Sep 30) After the analysis of over 50,000 genetic sequences -- collected from volunteers by the UK's Biobank project -- researchers found striking differences between the DNA from smokers, with and without lung problems.

Roche's Lung Cancer Drug Shows Promise -
(Sep 29) Two more sets of clinical trial data for the lung cancer drug, atezolizumab, have been released, showing promising outcomes.

TAILORx Breast Cancer Trial Initial Data Released -
(Sep 29) Results from a multi-center clinical trial -- called Trial Assigning Individualized Options for Treatment (Rx), (TAILORx) -- involving over 10,000 women with breast cancer, were published online yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine.


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