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November 09, 2015 15:00 ET

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Gene Editing Successful in Treating Leukemia -
(Nov 9) For the first time, a one-year-old patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia has been successfully treated using gene editing.

Acidophilic Microbe Could Be Used To Help Drugs Pass Through Stomach -
(Nov 9) Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark have shown that a specific microbial strain -- known as Sulfolobus islandicus -- could be useful in maintaining a drug's integrity as it passes through the harsh environment of the human stomach.

Unwanted Angiogenesis Could Explain Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease -
(Nov 6) New research suggests that symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease -- including intractable walking and trouble with balance -- could be attributed to the formation of unwanted blood vessels -- called angiogenesis -- in the brain.

Some Materials Used in 3-D Printing Found To Be Toxic -
(Nov 6) Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have identified certain 3-D printed objects that are toxic to zebrafish embryos.

Pharma-Pricing Task Force Launched By US Democrats -
(Nov 5) According to a group of House Democrats, they are prepared to unveil a pharma-pricing task force to deal with the growing issue.

US Business Too Impatient According To Bayer CEO -
(Nov 5) Marijn Dekkers, CEO of German drugmaker Bayer, knows that pushing himself and his company is sometimes necessary in order to stay competitive in the pharmaceutical developer space.

Pfizer's Plant in China Receives FDA Citation -
(Nov 4) Regulators in both Europe and North American have long been concerned about the safety and quality of pharmaceuticals manufactured at Chinese facilities.

Elderly Patients are Struggling With Too Many Medications and Taking Them As Prescribed -
(Nov 4) Doctors in the UK have voiced concerns that over half of all patients over 75 years of age are taking too many medications simultaneously, and that they are not always taking the medicines as prescribed.

Self-Disseminating Vaccines and the Fight Against Emerging Infectious Diseases -
(Nov 3) In the wake of the 2014/2015 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, healthcare professionals are concerned about the world's ability to handle pandemics and manage emerging infectious diseases.

Mainstay Medical Applies for CE Mark and FDA Approval for Their Neuromodulation Implant -
(Nov 3) Mainstay Medical is seeking both European and North American approval for its neuromodulation device for chronic lower back pain.


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