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November 30, 2015 15:00 ET

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Immunotherapy Safety Trial For Type 1 Diabetes Deemed A Success --
(Nov 30) Researchers at the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) led the first US safety trial of immunotherapy for patients with type 1 diabetes, and found that trial participants experienced no serious adverse reactions to the treatment.

Dr. Reddy's Laboratory Receives FDA Warning Letter --
(Nov 30) India-based drugmaker Dr. Reddy's Laboratories has received a warning letter in which the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cites incidents of data manipulation, and potential contamination issues.

Turing Pharmaceuticals Won't Budge on Price of Daraprim --
(Nov 26) Turing Pharmaceuticals -- and controversial CEO Martin Shkreli -- stirred up the drug pricing debate earlier this year when they raised the price of a decades-old antiparasitic medication by over 5,000 percent.

Debiotech Partners With Swiss Researchers To Develop Artificial Pancreas --
(Nov 26) Swiss medical device company Debiotech is set to develop a novel artificial pancreas for diabetic patients, in collaboration with Swiss academics.

Gene Editing Mosquitoes May Stop Spread Of Malaria --
(Nov 25) Using a gene editing technique called CRISPR, the researchers generated a new strain of mosquito which is capable of transmitting malaria-resistance genes to their offspring.

Ingestible Sensor Monitors Vital Signs --
(Nov 25) Researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new ingestible medical device which measures breathing rate and heart rate from inside a patient's body.

Update: Pfizer and Allergan Finalize Merger --
(Nov 24) The $160 billion agreement between US-based Pfizer and Ireland-based Allergan has officially been made, according to a statement released by the companies on Monday.

Update: KaloBios Saved From Shut-Down By Turing Pharma's Martin Shkreli --
(Nov 24) The company had already hired a liquidation consultant when controversial CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, Martin Shkreli, swooped in and purchased a controlling stake of KaloBios.


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