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March 29, 2015 22:37 ET

Top Orlando Dentist Attends Continuing Education Course in Root Canals

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - March 29, 2015) - Dr. Thomas Overmeyer, a leading Orlando family dentist, recently attended a continuing education course about new technology and techniques available in root canal treatment.

Dr. Overmeyer handles root canals at his office, Overmeyer Family Dental, which he operates with his daughter, Dr. Jessica Overmeyer. The recent continuing education course, March 13 and 14, focused on new developments in root canal surgery and therapy and improved diagnostic techniques.

Dr. Overmeyer said the training will allow him to perform root canals faster, more efficiently and with a higher success rate.

A patient can need a root canal for a number of reasons: trauma, deep decay or an infection in the dental pulp. A root canal is typically completed in three steps. First, Dr. Overmeyer drills into the tooth to remove the infection and clean the canals. Next, he will fill the tooth and place a temporary crown. During the final phase of treatment, he will place a permanent porcelain crown that will protect the filling and natural tooth.

"Root canals often get a bad name, but it's a procedure that I enjoy learning more about because it saves teeth -- and it can be done with little, if any, discomfort," Dr. Overmeyer said. "By learning about these new techniques, I can better serve my patients and help them keep their natural teeth forever."

Dr Jessica Overmeyer is scheduled to complete the root canal course later this year.

Overmeyer Family Dental, 3221 S. Conway Road Suite C, provides preventive dentistry, affordable cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry for patients 3 years old to 103 years old. Individual services include fillings, extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, partial dentures, full dentures, mini and standard implants, porcelain veneers, Six Month Smiles, Invisalign, sleep apnea treatments and general dental procedures. The practice provides mouthguards for patients who grind or clench their teeth, as well as the "Silent Nite" anti-snore device.

Dr. Thomas Overmeyer was born in Fort Wayne, Ind., and graduated high school in Ohio in 1974. In 1977, he graduated cum laude from Ohio State University, receiving his bachelor's of science degree in microbiology in just three years. He then graduated from The Ohio State University School of Dentistry in 1980 and attended a general practice residency program at the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo. After dental school and his residency program, Dr. Thomas Overmeyer moved to Florida and spent seven months as a dental associate before buying his own practice. Dr. Thomas Overmeyer has advanced training in mini and standard implants, Six Month Smiles, Invisalign and LANAP laser gum treatment.

Dr. Jessica Overmeyer, a Florida native, received her bachelor's of science degree in biology from the University of Florida, where she also minored in business and Spanish. She also attended The Ohio State University School of Dentistry, graduating in 2014. She joined her father's practice last year. Dr. Jessica Overmeyer holds certifications in mini dental implants, Invisalign and Six Month Smiles.

Dr. Thomas Overmeyer bought the Orlando dental office that is now Overmeyer Family Dental in June 1982. Overmeyer Family Dental moved to a new office building in February 1984. The 1,500-square-foot facility was recently remodeled and includes six treatment rooms and state-of-the-art dental equipment. Dr. Thomas Overmeyer uses the PerioLase laser to treat periodontal disease, a method that he has found to be more effective than traditional gum surgery. He also uses digital X-rays to diagnose and educate patients about oral health issues.

To see more information about Overmeyer Family Dental's root canal treatment, go to the practice website at or call Rosie at 407-249-0808 to schedule a low-cost complete exam.

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