SOURCE: Traditional Medicinals

February 21, 2008 11:00 ET

Top Selling Throat Coat® Tea Is Now 100% Organic

Traditional Medicinals® Best-Selling Line of Herbal Teas Leads With Organic Offerings

SEBASTOPOL, CA--(Marketwire - February 21, 2008) - Traditional Medicinals®, North America's leading medicinal tea brand(1), is pleased to announce its clinically tested Throat Coat Herbal Tea is now 100% organic. One of the primary ingredients of Throat Coat is organic slippery elm bark, a soothing demulcent that coats the throat. The medicinal tea category(2) is the fastest growing category of tea in the US, with organic teas leading this growth trend.

Traditional Medicinals was the first company to gain organic certification for its tea factory and for over thirty years has been committed to the use of organic ingredients. "Throat Coat is now 100% organic as a result of years of work with our suppliers," says Drake Sadler, CEO and Co-Founder. "It is our long-term commitment to suppliers that enables them to meet both the organic and pharmacopoeial quality standards we require." Most Traditional Medicinals teas are now organic, including Smooth Move and Nighty Night, and the company is working with suppliers to transition the few remaining products.

Josef Brinckmann, VP of Research and Development, says, "Traditional Medicinals has always had a requirement that its suppliers demonstrate sustainability, whether that is the sustainable wild-collection of herbs or sustainable farming. Organic certification for wild-collection requires that suppliers promote ecological balance and preserve biodiversity." Traditional Medicinals has worked with suppliers for many years to obtain an organic certified, sustainably wild-collected and pharmacopoeial grade source of slippery elm bark. Traditional Medicinals recently produced a short informative video about sustainably harvested slippery elm bark which can be viewed on their web site at

Traditional Medicinals ensures reliability, safety and quality of its herbal products by using pharmacopoeial grade herbs and investing in clinical research. Pharmacopoeial quality herbs are a specific grade designation of herbs that meet the stringent standards for quality set by a national pharmacopoeial Commission.

Try all of their Throat Coat family of products -- Organic Lemon Echinacea Throat Coat® tea, Throat Coat® Herbal Pastilles, Throat Coat® Herbal Syrup and "Just for Kids" Organic Throat Coat® tea.

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(1) SPINs/AC Nielsen 24 week data ending November 2007

(2) In the United States, "medicinal teas" are classified as herbal dietary supplement products but in Canada and in the EU they are classified as medicines.

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