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January 08, 2007 16:02 ET

Top Ten Most Pretentious Public Figures: A New Year Poll From the Makers of FAT bastard Wines

Pretentious: 1) Self-Important and Affected: Acting as Though More Important, Valuable, or Special Than Is Warranted, or Appearing to Have an Unrealistically High Self-Image; 2) Made to Look or Sound Important: Presenting Itself Unjustifiably as Having a Special Quality or Significance, and Often Seeming Forced or Overly Clever; 3) Ostentatious: Extravagantly and Consciously Showy or Glamorous

SEATTLE, WA and NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 8, 2007 -- Described as "Wine for the anti-snob," by Time magazine, FAT bastard is unlike a lot of high-quality wines that put themselves up on a platform of pompousness. Its fun and irreverent name, laid back attitude and superior quality allow the wines' fruit-forward, great taste to speak for itself.

In fact, the FAT bastard company so dislikes the snooty shenanigans of self-importance in the wine world -- or anywhere else for that matter -- they feel it's their duty, purely as a public service, to identify the most offensively officious folks of the year. In order to do this, it asked 100 Lifestyle editors from newspapers coast to coast to name the most pretentious poseurs. Here's what the editors said:

#1. Paris Hilton: It's no surprise that this scandalicious socialite tops the ranks for pretension. We're guessing she doesn't know the definition of ostentation, but she certainly carries it off like the new black. Mega-famous for being blonde, wealthy, well dressed, perennially drunk and occasionally pantieless, Ms. Hilton is a paparazzi magnet. The center of several well publicized scandals, she is also the apex of Hollywood's biggest catfights. That's hot?

#2. Tom Cruise: Once one of America's most beloved movie stars, Tom jumped right off Oprah's couch into the role of pretension offender numero deux. Never one to back down, Cruise will attack anyone in the name of all that is Thetan. Between TomKat, Suri-Gate and his crusade for Scientology, Cruise continues to place layer upon layer atop his crazy-cake. No longer wanting to show him the money, this "Top Gun" was dropped from his contract and will now be behaving bizarrely at a new studio.

#3. Donald Trump: Possibly the only grown man in America who doesn't feel silly referring to himself in the third person, "The Donald" has no qualms touting his own success. Everything he owns is the "most luxurious in the world" -- just ask him -- and his television show is number one, no matter the ratings. Outspoken and prone to picking fights, this bold billionaire has enormous confidence in his own ability to be spectacular. Armed with a trophy wife, his signature 'do' and a decorating sense that would shock Louis XIV, Trump truly defines pretension.

#4. Bill O'Reilly: Rising toward the top of our list, owner of the number one cable news program in the U.S., Bill O'Reilly isn't letting anyone hold him down. Especially not the liberal media, sexual harassment suits, homosexuals and (gasp) most dreaded of all… liberals themselves. As Fox's resident bully, O'Reilly's guests on "The Factor" are constantly interrupted and fervently steamrolled by his ill-tempered tangents.

#5. Madonna: As the reigning Queen of pop music, the ever-evolving trendsetter from Michigan has been taking heat for her recently acquired British accent and Malawian child. Angering fans across the world, the Material Girl's "Confessions on a Dance Floor" concert includes a number in which the poster child for Kabala crucifies herself on a disco cross.

#6. Martha Stewart: The Domestic Diva is no doubt a force to be reckoned with and surely deserves her spot at number six. Her highly public and remarkably self-important feuds with Donald Trump and Rachel Ray have proved that her rum balls aren't the only things that pack a punch. But success in the boardroom didn't translate to success in the court room: Martha's perhaps best known as the media mogul who (cue the music) fought the law and the law won.

#7. Oprah: Arguably the most powerful media maven ever, Miss O does what she wants and says what she wants, giirrrl frriennd. Constantly coming up with new ways to give away money, she's the public opinion leader with the Midas touch. The fans/loyal subjects of her daytime TV show take her word as mandate, making bestsellers out of everything from obscure classics to heart-wrenching tales of strife and struggle and the latest diet regimes. No one can defy her, got that James Frey? Jelly doughnut?

#8. Barbra Streisand: Babs belts out each song as if it is her last and has appeared in a number of popular films. Her legions of fans adore her for just that but admirers pay their ticket price to hear her beautiful voice, not watch her commit career suicide staging insulting skits or shouting "Shut the f&*&*^ up," to offended fans. A highly vocal liberal, she is constantly letting her opinion be known, pleasing half the people half of the time. Instead of talking about it, may we humbly suggest singing a song or making another movie?

#9. Kevin Federline: You almost have to give bad-boy Kevin credit for displaying so much pretension while wearing a wife beater and pants down to his knees. Best known for being a gold digger, K-Fed's bad rap pretty much guarantees him career obscurity. At least K-Fed likes his own music and that's good enough for him. So POPOZAO that, homie!

#10. Jessica Simpson: Cute as a button pop sensation and reality television star is seemingly everywhere doing everything. One moment she is washing a car in a bathing suit and the next she's a clerk in a movie about a giant convenience store. Her Proactiv commercial remains one of her best works, but she's found success with spin-off projects like lipstick and hair care. Way to go Joe, ahem, I mean Jessica.

So that's the top ten as Lifestyle editors across the country see it this first week of 2007. Consumers can weigh in on who they think is the most pretentious on the list at

Available nationwide in Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, FAT bastard is the third-bestselling French wine brand in the United States.

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