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December 21, 2012 06:00 ET

Top Ten Tips for Capturing Epic Videos This Holiday

Pixorial Offers Tips for Shooting Perfect Holiday Videos From an Award-Winning Producer

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Dec 21, 2012) - Pixorial asked veteran documentary producer, Skip Sweeney, for some helpful tips on how to create engaging and fun-to-watch holiday videos. Here's what he said:

Pick your "establishing shot" -- like the outside of the house or the front door, and while recording add some commentary to set the stage. It's also cute to have a little kid address the camera and say where you are and what you're doing.

Unveil great stories with family interviews -- interview relatives and friends with questions that share a little history or tradition. Think up question prompts that help open the door to a subject they know. Kick off the conversation with questions like, "Hey, can you share that funny story about Uncle Joe?" or "What was Christmas like when Dad was a child?"

Mix old and new -- look for old family photos or place a photo album on a table and flip through it page-by-page while you record (or have Grandma do it while you record). Grab the box of family videotapes and film and have them digitized.

Capture the preparation -- make sure to shoot the kitchen: there's always a bustle of activity there before and during a party. This is a great place to record at various points during the event. Catch Grandma making one her famous holiday recipes; ask her to explain how they make their special dish.

Record the progression -- capture video of the dining room, from setting the table to laying out the food, to the diners gathering.

Park the camera -- let the camera run; people will forget about it and you will capture great moments. Simply place it on the table or a nearby shelf, hang from a curtain rod or use a mini-tripod. Just find a place to leave the camera running during the meal -- this should give you a great "master shot" of the dinner for later editing.

Add interest with unconventional perspectives -- if you're going to record little children or pets, get down to their level -- literally. Get on the floor, and point the camera up at the little ones from just a few inches above the ground -- you'll get a great view of their perspective.

Outside looking in -- go outside the house, and shoot in through the windows. This provides really interesting, candid shots of the family from a unique perspective.

Consider sound -- chances are some of the video will be loud and confusing. Capture it anyway and add music over the parts where the sound is overwhelming or hard to hear.

Add extra flavor -- taking from some of the cinematic pros, some of the best footage is often the "extra" footage or B-roll as it is called in the movie industry. Record the Christmas tree with decorations and presents, the "aftermath" of the wrapping paper strewn everywhere, the wreath on the front door and the dog wearing his special holiday collar.

Above all, says Sweeney, make sure you shoot at least a small amount of video of every guest. That makes for the best memories later on, so be sure to capture the entire gang.

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