May 22, 2014 08:00 ET

Topshop and Burton Adopt Qubit's Next-Generation Suite of Digital Intelligence Applications

The First Integrated Analytics and Personalization Hub to Give Retailers Complete Control Over the Digital Shopping Experience

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM and NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwired - May 22, 2014) - Today, Digital Experience Management (DXM) platform Qubit is today launching its next generation suite of digital intelligence applications, enabling ecommerce businesses to become fully optimized and responsive to changing customer behavior in real time.

Previously, ecommerce professionals have had to work with disparate data and technology platforms which have held back the type of customer experiences they can deliver. Qubit's four digital optimization apps have been built on top of a sophisticated data model to provide retailers with insight about their online visitors so that they can deliver meaningful personalizations in real-time with pinpoint accuracy:

  • Deliver: Online retailers can AB test, personalize and optimize the digital experience across all channels in real-time based on customer behavior. Deliver makes this even easier with pre-configured solutions such as basked abandonment and urgency messaging saving retailers hundreds of hours.
  • Discover: Ecommerce marketers can segment and activate visitor data across all digital channels and their website properties. Access to structured data in real-time allows for more rapid personalization development to different audience segments.
  • Decipher: Different teams within the business can enhance their decision making analytics with detailed web visitor data supporting anything from product merchandising to cross device behavior.
  • Opentag: Allows ecommerce professionals to deploy, serve and optimize 3rd party technologies to improve their marketing agility by allowing marketers to work outside of the development cycle.

For example, marketers are using Decipher to determine if a product is selling well online in a certain geographic region The merchandising and marketing teams will receive a report in real-time highlighting the high conversion rates. The merchandisers can then ensure that they stock up on the high-selling product, whilst the digital marketers can deliver a message about that product to other online visitors from that region encouraging them to check out that popular item using Deliver in a matter of minutes. They can then measure the incremental uplift in revenue in real time. Previously, this process would have traditionally taken months to identify and implement.

"Qubit's next generation marketing platform allows us to serve sophisticated personalizations," said Kate Walmsley, digital director for Topshop. "Creating valid hypotheses from both the qualitative and quantitative data that Qubit provides has meant we can test and make changes in real-time. As we continue to expand globally, being able to align across devices, as well as across oceans, has proven invaluable."

"With Qubit, we've learned so much more about our visitors. We've moved beyond names and emails and can now target on metrics like purchase history, session number, or even customer feedback," said Richard Wilson, head of digital for Burton. "Understanding what our visitors want means we no longer waste resource on testing theories. Their rich dataset has unlocked granular user information which allows us to produce truly valid hypotheses. When Qubit says we see a 10 percent uplift in conversion, we see it in the bottom line."

"With 50 percent of all in-store sales to be influenced by digital services by the end of 2014[1] retailers need to start taking more control of their data to optimize business performance," said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit. "Traditionally, analytics and testing solutions have not been part of a joined up approach as they don't use a single unified data model. However, most businesses have multiple data siloes and our new platform has been designed to solve this problem and create the first truly integrated optimization hub."

"Today's retail powerhouses need to create a personalized omni-channel experience that is contextually relevant and seamlessly delivered throughout the purchase lifecycle," said Cooke. "With our new solutions we're enabling brands to truly deliver real-time retailing and in turn a more personalized online experience for each visitor."

About Qubit:

Qubit is a Digital Experience Management hub designed to help modern ecommerce professionals drive conversions, boost lifetime value and increase customer satisfaction. To do this, Qubit collects huge amounts of data about users' interactions while enabling marketers to deliver personalization strategies that really impact the bottom line.

The company's suite of products brings together visitor analytics, web intelligence, AB testing and personalization within a single integrated platform, grounded on strong data foundations. The integration of technologies allows marketers to optimize and test websites in real time, without the need for specialist IT resource.

Qubit places great importance on reporting accurate conversion uplifts and validating the efficacy of other third party technologies. This intellectual rigor ensures clients focus their testing strategies on tackling key opportunities whilst delivering sustained ROI throughout the business.

Founded in 2010 by four ex-Googlers, Qubit is headquartered in London with offices in New York. Qubit works with some of the world's leading ecommerce businesses, including TopShop, Staples, John Lewis, Farfetch and Bebe. The company received $7.5 million funding from Balderton Capital in December 2012.

Qubit values:

  • Integration; bringing behavioral analytics, AB testing and personalization together in one place
  • Precision; in depth analysis that enables businesses to target on more specific variables from purchase history to demographics
  • Integrity; an advanced stats model ensures reported uplifts really hit the bottom line
  • Extensibility; a one-time data layer installation for ongoing extensibility without needing to make changes to the core site code.
[1] Deloitte Study: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101611505

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