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August 21, 2012 11:00 ET

Topsy Releases Topsy Pro Analytics, World's Most Powerful Social Analytics Tool

Technology Makes Hundreds of Billions of Tweets Instantly Accessible for First Time

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 21, 2012) - Topsy, the realtime social analytics provider, today announced general availability of its social analytics product, Topsy Pro Analytics. Topsy Pro Analytics provides browser-based access to Topsy's platform, which includes the world's only index of the public social web. Topsy's index enables realtime and multi-year access to posts and pages gathered from millions of socially active websites across the internet. Additionally, the index provides instant access to hundreds of billions of public Tweets -- in realtime and going back several years. The company is also expanding its relationship with Twitter, which includes a renewed license to the Twitter Firehose, as well as other projects such as the Twitter Political Index.

Topsy Pro Analytics allows users to discover, quantify, predict and make decisions using exact measurement of terms, topics, hashtags, links, images, videos and social web trends. The Topsy platform also makes its leading corpus of public Tweets dynamically navigable for the first time, enabling discovery and instant exploration of related subjects and newly breaking events. The system's fluent data-mining and analytical path-finding capabilities means users can explore content and statistics for anything, any time across the whole of Topsy's massive social media index, not limited by the tunnel-vision of static filtering or delayed batch-oriented processing.

Topsy's leading index of public searchable Tweets coupled with its proprietary technology provides unique capabilities for people using Topsy Pro Analytics including:

  • Instant results -- realtime and multi-year historical results for any term or topic in seconds
  • Discovery -- surface what's new, learn what's related and find what's driving a conversation
  • Dynamic Analysis -- uncover new insights by drilling immediately into unexpected results
  • Importance identification -- highlight important results by relevance, down-scoring spam/noise
  • Prediction -- correlate social media trends to real-world events
  • Exact Metrics -- precisely measure mention-counts, trending, sentiment, links and exposure

By examining more than 100 billion posts in its multi-year index, Topsy has developed sophisticated data enrichment techniques, appending geographic location, social sentiment, language and influence identification to each of the more than 400 million Tweets, as well as other social posts, that Topsy indexes daily. The enriched data enable a new level of measurement depth for social media via various analysis views such as:

  • Activity Analysis -- exact mention counts and share of voice for any term in realtime or over time
  • Link Analysis -- URLs resolved to alias-independent form, classified as link/image/video, indexed
  • Link trending -- trending URLs identified within topics, media types and web-sites or domains
  • Topsy Sentiment Score -- sentiment quantified, and positive and negative Tweet/posts counted
  • Exposure Analysis -- the gross exposure of Tweets, people, terms or hashtags
  • Event Timeline Analysis -- communication originators and amplifiers identified for any trend
  • Influence Analysis -- find influential people for any topic and drill into their communication

Topsy Pro Analytics' unique analysis is already in use at some of the world's leading global marketing, news, publishing, TV/movie/entertainment, and financial organizations, enabling them to stay on top of breaking events, design and optimize content and communication, quantify market trends and customer feedback, measure competitor impact and predict what's about to happen.

"We use Topsy's powerful trending capabilities to detect and track what's bursting in culture and feed these insights into our dynamic culture mapping and content creation processes," said Tim Ettus, director of operations at sparks & honey.

"Organizations want to tap into the public social web to identify, quantify and understand what people are saying and Topsy Pro Analytics puts the world's largest social media dataset at their fingertips," said Duncan Greatwood, CEO of Topsy. "The analytics technologies we've created are scaling to power what has become the world's largest index of the public social web. Companies including sparks & honey and The Washington Post are already tapping into our realtime social analytics to fulfill their needs."

As part of its expanded relationship with Twitter, Topsy has renewed its Firehose license to span multiple years and is now able to license Tweet content via its API, Data Services and product offerings.

"We're excited to extend our relationship with Topsy in order to satisfy market demand for the unprecedented access to public Tweets offered by Topsy Pro Analytics," said Jana Messerschmidt, VP of Partnerships at Twitter. "Topsy Pro provides significant value as part of our partner ecosystem, enabling marketers, publishers and news organizations to incorporate measurements extracted from Tweets into their business processes, and we benefit from our own use of it internally."

Topsy Pro Analytics is available today. To get more information and to start a free trial of Topsy Pro Analytics, visit

About Topsy:
Topsy operates the world's only index of the public social web. Topsy Pro Analytics provides comprehensive analyses of hundreds of billions of Tweets and leverages these social conversations to index, analyze and rank content on web pages across millions of unique sites. With instant access to conversations from moments ago or years ago, Topsy enables users to discover, quantify, predict and make decisions using the world's most powerful social analytics. Topsy's offerings are used by some of the largest global marketing, news, entertainment, and financial organizations to design and optimize content and communication, stay on top of breaking events, quantify market trends and customer feedback, measure competitor mindshare and predict what's about to happen. Headquartered in San Francisco, Topsy is backed by BlueRun Ventures, Ignition Partners, Founders Fund and Scott Banister. For more information visit:

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