March 18, 2008 08:46 ET

TOR ANUMANA™ Launches Wireless Productivity Applications for Qualcomm's BREW Solution

Wireless Application Tools Allow for Secure Interaction Between Computers and Mobile Handsets With BREW

SAN DIEGO, CA and KOLKATA, INDIA--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - TOR ANUMANA™, a research and development company creating technologies and products for computing and communication platforms, today announced the launch of its first wireless Productivity Applications developed for Qualcomm's BREW® solution. The products, AFAR and ASYNC, showcase TOR ANUMAMA's new technology by facilitating secure, wireless interaction between a mobile phone and computer. The applications enable a user to run presentations, synchronize and share data between mobile devices and computers.

"TOR ANUMANA is developing applications for BREW phones that we believe will help bring about interesting changes to the wireless industry," said Subhashis Mohanty of TOR ANUMANA. "Our technology facilitates data access, synchronization, and communication between networked wireless and wired devices. It also opens up numerous data sharing and synchronization possibilities that we believe will be realized in compelling applications in the near future."

About AFAR and ASYNC

AFAR allows a handheld device to access and control a presentation on a remote desktop, while ASYNC enables a user to back-up, synchronize and share remote data such as video or music via a handset. Instead of copying data from a user's computer to another storage device, it can simply be moved or copied wirelessly onto a mobile phone.

"With companies around the world intent on enhancing the overall user experience, TOR ANUMANA has developed two computer focused mobile applications addressing the specific needs of their customers," said Kathy Braegger, head of developer relations for Qualcomm Internet Services. "TOR ANUMANA has leveraged BREW to create useful applications that bridge a user's mobile phone and computer, thereby enhancing their user experience and productivity."

"Use of multiple communications devices are increasingly becoming the norm," said Mohanty. "Now, whether it's accessing or transferring multimedia content between your computer and your phone, or controlling a presentation from your handset, we have leveraged BREW in order to make mobile communications easier and practical."

Each of TOR ANUMANA's products is supported by pending patent applications.


TOR ANUMANA is a research and development company first launched in 2004 by TORSTEEL RESEARCH FOUNDATION IN INDIA along with Dr. Sara Mohanty and Subhashis Mohanty, who shared a vision to establish a world-class community of engineers, scientists, mathematicians and artists to create innovative computing technologies. The company provides applications for Computing and Communications platforms along with development tools and software libraries. TOR ANUMANA is also engaged in active research and development in Computer Science and Mathematics. The company maintains a philosophy that in order to provide truly useful applications, an organization needs to delve into the foundations of Computer Science and Mathematics. For more information, please visit

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