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April 05, 2007 10:00 ET

Torbay Holdings, Inc.: City & School District of Anchorage, Alaska Recognize the Innovation of Morph™ Mouse

LONG BEACH, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 5, 2007 -- Torbay Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: TRBY) announced today that the Municipality of Anchorage had placed an order for TRBY's Morph™ Mouse product. This order is part of an evaluation program with a view to establishing the Morph™ Mouse as the computer mouse of choice for the Municipality of Anchorage, which has some 3,000 computers in total. Additionally, the Department of Education for the City of Anchorage has committed to purchase the Morph™ Mouse for their own evaluation in July 2007.

This announcement follows the recent appointment of Mr. Scott Frickson as a consultant acting in the role of Regulatory Compliance Sales Director. Mr. Frickson recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq and prior to that acquired many years experience in procurement within government and regulated purchasing. His focus has been upon Morph™ Mouse to this market sector, initially in Alaska (his home state), for the benefits that it delivers.

Most notably, the Morph™ Mouse complies with the requirements of Section 508 to not twist the wrist or need excessive grip when in its upright (handshake) configuration. This is a requirement under Section 508 Law and such a design is to the benefit of persons with disability. At the same time, it also "morphs" into a palm down mouse, and so is easily used by those who are fortunate enough to not require the protection of Section 508 Law and who are therefore more familiar and more comfortable with the palm down working posture. In addition, it transforms into a left or right handed mouse with the result that a single installation at a government or corporate computer workstation is accessible to all persons with their preferred hand and in their preferred posture.

The important parameters in the decision making process of both the Municipality of Anchorage and the School District were those of consideration to risk management and the reduction in the potential for injury that recent scientific studies indicate are possible in those who use computers intensively. This is important to institutions that are self-insured, such as city and state governments and school districts. It is worth noting that both Anchorage organizations employ highly experienced and well informed IT and Risk Management Officers averaging more than twenty years of experience in safety and ergonomics. In self-insured organizations there is often a high awareness of, and attention to, workman's compensation issues and a keen focus upon creating a healthy work environment.

Scott Frickson, Torbay Holdings, Inc., stated: "The September 2006 Microsoft [MSFT] study, which is well known by all with whom I have spoken to, indicates that in a company employing 500 computer users, for example, a 10% reduction in repetitive strain injuries would yield an annual savings of $700,000. The value of investing in the unique design the Morph™ Mouse represents as a standard in the work environment is both self evident and supported by Microsoft's ergonomic paper."

Such initiatives in Anchorage come from the top. The Mayor of Anchorage, Mark Begich, demonstrates this in his commitment to the incorporation of "new technologies" that benefit the city. A recent software initiative he oversaw had over 3,000 computer monitors programmed to sleep when not in use saving an estimated $84,000 and 1,104 tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

Tom Large, President & CEO of Torbay Holdings, Inc., stated: "We are delighted at this outcome of Scott's activity. In keeping with reporting outcomes and not merely activity, we have left it until now to inform shareholders of his appointment. I am also grateful to Mayor Begich and the IT and Risk Management executives in both the City and School District of Anchorage for the investment of their valuable time in getting this project this far this quickly. It is gratifying to get the recognition that we believe Morph™ Mouse deserves and also to hear that our design meets customer needs.

"On the personal front, I am especially delighted with the interest in adopting Morph™ Mouse by Anchorage School District. The statistic that one in three school children learning to use a computer in school today will like become impaired to a point of disability as a consequence, even before they have repaid their student loans, is one that I find harrowing. In a single product design, the Morph™ Mouse not only provides relief to persons with dexterity disability, called for under Section 508, but also has the potential to reduce the numbers who acquire disabilities as a consequence of intensive computer use. The best place to begin this process is in the upcoming generation and I have made my personal commitment to the mayor and the school district that we will provide a free copy of our 'clickless' computer mouse software with every mouse delivered."

Scott Frickson concluded by stating: "I am delighted to have the opportunity to fulfill the important role of product advocate in the Regulatory and Compliance market sectors of Federal, State and Local Government. This is the first 'pin on the map' that will hopefully see TRBY's products spread from city to city, state to state, across the US. I am confident that Morph™ Mouse meets the growing need for effective compliance and those who adopt it will see a return on investment that is measured not only in dollars but also in employee and all computer user's health and well being."

Designer Appliances, Inc. is leading the way in the development of Anti.Fatigue™ tools and technologies to manage the impact that fatigue is now understood to have upon computer users. Anti.Fatigue™ design conforms to Universal Design criteria so it produces products that are more "Accessible and Assistive" to all, including persons with dexterity impairment or disability. We are all capable of fatigue.

This release was reviewed by the Municipality of Anchorage.

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