Redmond Weissenberger, Candidate for City Council, Ward 13 (Parkdale-High Park)

September 29, 2010 00:06 ET

Toronto City Council Candidates Unite on Spending Freeze

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 29, 2010) - With less than one month to the municipal election in Toronto, fifteen candidates for city council have joined together to present a united front against further spending increases at City Hall. On September 30, these fifteen candidates, from Scarborough to Etobicoke, will announce and discuss the most effective and innovative strategies of accomplishing this goal.

The principal strategy being advanced is the Zero Percent Pledge, proposed by Redmond Weissenberger, candidate for city council in Ward 13 (Parkdale-High Park). The pledge would require departmental staff in the upcoming budgets to budget on the premise of a zero percent increase from prior year's actual spending. "City staff have to live within their means and Council has to have the courage to insist on fiscal restraint", said Mr. Weissenberger in announcing the event. "Everyone who is coming to this launch event shares a common desire for fiscal responsibility," he added. 

The city council candidates who are joining together on September 30 are:

  • Redmond Weissenberger (Ward 13 – Parkdale-High Park)
  • Tony Ashdown (Ward 36 – Scarborough Southwest)
  • Howard Bortenstein (Ward 28 – Toronto Centre-Rosedale)
  • Ted Berger (Ward 1 – Etobicoke North)
  • Michael Coll (Ward 16 – Eglinton-Lawrence)
  • Mark Dewdney (Ward 30 – Toronto-Danforth)
  • Mike Ihnat (Ward 33 – Don Valley East)
  • Jules-Jose Kerlinger (Ward 14 – Parkdale-High Park)
  • Bob Nahiddi (Ward 24 -- Willowdale)
  • Peter Nolan (Ward 21 – St. Paul's)
  • Larry Perlman (Ward 7 – York West)
  • John Richardson (Ward 29 – Toronto-Danforth)
  • George Singh (Ward 42 – Scarborough-Rouge River)
  • Heath Thomas (Ward 44 – Scarborough East), and
  • Mike Yen (Ward 20 – Trinity-Spadina) 

Mayoral candidates Rob Ford, Rocco Rossi, George Smitherman and former mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson have also been invited to attend.

Despite the number of alliances of city councilors have developed in the past five years, this is the first occasion of unaffiliated city council candidates uniting under a single issue in the middle of a campaign. "The budget is the single most important issue facing the city today. It amazes me that so many candidates can be running on a platform that does not address the spending problem", said Michael Coll, candidate in Ward 16.

"What the City needs is action and a real will to make the difference. It's easy to promise and difficult to accomplish. Torontonians should vote for the candidates who are committed to action and who have tangible detailed solutions to the budgetary issues we are facing. This is why we are meeting on September 30", said Mark Dewdney, candidate in Ward 30.

More details can be found in the Media Backgrounder.

Members of the media and the public are invited to attend this event. 

Meeting Particulars:

Date: September 30, 2010

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: My Place Restaurant at 2448 Bloor Street West 

Contact Information

  • Redmond Weissenberger
    Candidate for City Council, Ward 13 (Parkdale-High Park)