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Toronto Hydro Corporation
Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

April 20, 2007 10:23 ET

Toronto Hydro-Electric System: Save a Tree, Plant a Tree

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited, epost™ and Ontario Forestry Association ready to plant 10,000 trees

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 20, 2007) -

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In another effort to help the environment, Toronto Hydro is launching its new eBill promotion. What makes this program unique is that Toronto Hydro will plant a three to six year-old tree for every customer that converts his or her Toronto Hydro account to an electronic bill (eBill).

"Toronto Hydro Corporation understands the importance of Toronto's urban forest as a valuable and fragile environmental asset", says David O'Brien, President and Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Hydro Corporation. "Trees contribute to the quality of life in the city."

In partnership with epost and the Ontario Forestry Association, Toronto Hydro hopes to convert 10,000 customers to eBills resulting in 10,000 trees across the city. This is like having full-time environmentalists (trees!) working on:

- Producing enough oxygen for 40,000 people per year.

- Absorbing the CO2 produced by 100 people in their lifetime (each person produces 170 tonnes).

The trees from this campaign will be planted across the city. The first areas that will receive trees include Vyner Greenbelt, Beaumonde Heights Park, Marie Curtis Park, Trudelle Park, Ravencrest Park and Black Creek West.

To sign up for Toronto Hydro eBills, customers have three options. The first is directly with Toronto Hydro at Alternatively, they can sign up with Canada Post's free online mail delivery service, epost at, or within their online banking account at most major financial institutions. With 10,000 customers on e-bills, four tonnes of paper, or 90 mature trees (80 years old), would be saved.

For those customers who remain on paper bills, Toronto Hydro will begin using FSC paper for envelopes in May, and bills will be converted in August - approximately 5.7 million legal-size sheets each year. FSC paper contains a combination of post-consumer waste/recycled fibre and fibre from well-managed forests.

What's a tree worth?

- A single tree can remove 7000 particles from a litre of air.

- Trees filter air, recycle water, control soil loss and make Toronto more beautiful.

- The trees that will be planted will reduce the CO2 emissions equivalent to 80 round trip flights between Toronto and Vancouver; driving 400,000 km; or driving 1100 times from Toronto to Ottawa.

- Over a 50-year lifespan, the average tree makes $31,250 worth of oxygen and $62,000 worth of air pollution control, recycles $37,500 worth of water and controls $31,250 worth of soil erosion.

- Tree canopies help to prevent flooding and redirect water away from sewers and into the ground.

- A well-treed street is three to six degrees cooler than a street with no trees.

About Toronto Hydro Corporation

Toronto Hydro Corporation operates the following three affiliates:

- Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited is the regulated "wires" affiliate and is one of the largest municipal electric distribution utilities in Canada, delivering electricity to a broadly diversified, economically robust, residential, commercial and industrial customer base in the City of Toronto. The utility serves more than 676,000 customers.

- Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc.

Toronto Hydro energy Services Inc. (TH Energy) is engaged in providing energy efficiency; street lighting; and common space lighting services to commercial, institutional, municipal and industrial customers throughout Ontario. In addition, TH Energy operates street lighting services for the City of Toronto and is involved in the development and operation of renewable energy generation projects.

- Toronto Hydro Telecom Inc.

Toronto Hydro Telecom Inc. provides innovative data communications and WiFi services to many of Canada's leading business and institutions.

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