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August 14, 2007 06:00 ET

Toronto Hydro's Conservation Customer of the Week

Menkes Property Management Services Ltd. is 'walking the talk' with energy-efficient retrofits

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 14, 2007) - Toronto Hydro-Electric System ("Toronto Hydro") has been aggressively promoting conservation and customers have taken action. Toronto Hydro would like to commend its Conservation Customer of the Week, Menkes Property Management Services Ltd. and its Procter and Gamble building.

The Procter and Gamble building, a 16- storey, 373,000 square-foot commercial office building is one of the flagship properties for Menkes. With investments in energy management technologies, the building is realizing sustainable energy savings and has earned recognition for its environmental leadership.

It invested in lighting retrofits, which involved installing efficient lights and adding reflectors, which reflect light back down towards the ground, preventing it from getting lost in the ceiling. All floor lighting panels are now controlled by a "zoned micro-processor," activated by the building's operating schedule or manually if requested.

Its heating, ventilation and air conditioning system's electric motors were equipped with variable frequency drive technology, which varies airflow by controlling the motor speed, rather than the air outlet damper, reducing electricity consumption. These two initiatives alone achieve a savings of 80,000-100,000 kilowatt hours per month, and up to $9,000 per month.

It has also turned off all major lighting in the lobby, and in the elevator lobbies of the tenanted floors for further energy savings. In addition, as part of ongoing energy initiatives and as a pilot project, it's installing software on the Menkes Tenant Services Web site that will allow building employees to control their own lighting, remotely or from their workstations.

This year, it's replacing the second of four boilers to high-efficiency models, and replacing the existing humidification system, which will enhance its energy management program. The building had all 13-litre toilets converted to 6-litre toilets, leading to a water savings of over 13 per cent annually, and has a complete recycling program, from desk-side bins to cafeteria organics, and receives monthly rebates for paper and corrugates.

For building owners and managers who haven't started "walking the talk," Toronto Hydro gives you another reason to invest in energy-efficient building retrofits - the Business Incentive Program. Designed to encourage energy conservation and load management projects within the commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-residential sectors, it offers financial incentives based on kilowatt savings. Starting August 16, businesses (25,000 square feet or less) can apply for retrofit program funding, which will have a lasting effect on energy loads and consumption. For more information on the Business Incentive Program, visit

About Menkes Property Management Services Ltd.

A company founded over 50 years ago by Murray Menkes. Visionary, Entrepreneur, Businessman. He wanted his business to be about building single-family homes that delivered outstanding quality and lasting value. Before long he was building not just beautiful homes, but also entire master planned communities and strategically located business parks with industrial and office buildings throughout the Greater Toronto Area. From the Beaver Creek Business Park in Richmond Hill to the Procter and Gamble building in North York on Yonge Street to business parks in the Mississauga area, each has established new standards in industrial and commercial property excellence. At Menkes, we are dedicated in our efforts to assist in protecting the environment and are committed to all our tenants and peers in carrying out these initiatives.

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