Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

October 04, 2010 23:03 ET

Toronto Mayoral Candidate Rocco Rossi Excelled at the York Quay and Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association Debate

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 4, 2010) - Rocco Rossi brought clear vision and passion to the stage at the York Quay and Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association debate today at the Harbourfront Centre.

Mr. Rossi understands the anger with City Hall but knows that anger alone is not a plan. Mr. Rossi pointed out that myopic thinking will not propel Toronto forward. "We need long term thinking to plan for the future so our City will reach its full potential."

The City of Toronto currently plans a 9.2 billion dollar operating budget year-to-year. "This lacks long-term planning, common sense, and leadership," said Rossi. Budget planning is "part of a long-term strategy and leaving a budget of this size for year-to-year review is irresponsible and part of the problem with City Hall." Mr. Rossi stated that if this kind of limited and short-term planning occurred in the private sector, "they'd be fired." Rossi added that "this is why I believe in term limits and voter recall- to ensure that our politicians are always accountable to the people." Mr. Rossi has led a career of success in the private and not-for-profit sectors.

Mr. Rossi also noted that the City's Chief Planner is soon retiring which gives Toronto an opportunity to embark on a global search to find the best person to represent citizens and take a long-term approach. Toronto's Chief Planner can help "integrate input and feedback from communities across Toronto so that neighbourhoods can take back control." Mr. Rossi envisions a "vibrant Toronto with a dynamic economy, and long-term thinking." 

Rocco Rossi couples compassion with competence and will bring real change to City Hall. 

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