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Toronto Swingers Club

July 28, 2017 11:19 ET

Toronto Swingers Club Offers Advice to Those Looking to Join the Lifestyle

Toronto alternative lifestyle couples club The O Zone talks about how to approach entering the adult swingers lifestyle for those who are interested, but aren't sure about how to take the first step

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - July 28, 2017) - The O Zone Club, one of Toronto's hottest adult lifestyle clubs, knows that entering the swinging lifestyle can be difficult for newcomers. It is a lifestyle change, and one that needs to be entered correctly -- otherwise you may miss what makes it so exciting!

To help those trying to enter the lifestyle, The O Zone Club has published their 10 Tip for Swinging 101. These comprehensive steps can help you and your partner not only broach the subject and enter the swinger's life, but also to make the most out of it and enjoy the adventure.

  1. Starting out -- The internet is your friend in the beginning. There are plenty of GTA swinger dating sites where interested couples can browse couples, clubs and events. Make sure that you and your partner are doing this together -- inspire conversation and instill a deeper bond between couples.
  2. Communication is key. You and your partner need to be open about you individual expectations, what's ok and what's not, have a safe word to let each other know if you're uncomfortable. Be prepared to compromise from time to time so both you and your partner feel comfortable.
  3. Don't try to push your partner into something they don't want to do. Likewise, don't let yourself get into an awkward situation -- set a standard of expectation before going to a party or event. In the heat of the moment, sometimes these limits and expectation can get forgotten. Always make sure to focus on communication in these instances.
  4. This lifestyle is all trust, especially in the beginning. Make sure that any arrangements online are being set up by both you and your partner -- don't keep anything from one another.
  5. You've connected with someone or a couple online and you're ready to meet, but how do you take it from 'online' to real time? This can be a very intimidating step, and what happens if you get cold feet? What if there is no chemistry? Try picking a larger event to meet up at, that way if there is no "click" you can always strike up a conversation with another couple nearby and the whole evening isn't a wash.
  6. Newcomers are usually nervous when they arrive at The O Zone for the first time, but that soon disappears as they join the party atmosphere. The play rooms are tucked away discretely and intimate play and nudity is discouraged in the social area to avoid making others uncomfortable who aren't interested in the sexual aspect of our club. Plenty of small, intimate sitting areas offer a place to sit and observe, or strike up a conversation with another couple. And the DJ plays all the best music and the dance floor is always a hit with dance poles, go go booth and dance platforms.
  7. Because The O Zone lifestyle swingers club is designated as a Private Club, all attendees must be a 'member' and membership is included in your first visit. Legally, we must create a 'members list' for each event, so we collect first names only for this list at the door at each event. Even if you are a Platinum member (pre-paid membership for a pre-determined time frame), you must stop at registration to be added to the list and for a wrist band. This keeps us within the legal boundaries and allows us to remain open.
  8. Leave your personal hang-up's at home. Everyone has or perceives themselves as having flaws, and yours are no more pronounced than theirs are. No matter your size, age, ethnicity, shape or number of scars, there is likely someone at a swinger party who will enjoy your company. Be positive, accentuate your attributes and put your best foot forward. Negativity isn't sexy, confidence is.
  9. Don't be afraid to turn down the invitation of another couple to play if you aren't feeling it. Be polite when you decline, saying something like "Wow! We are so flattered! We'd love to chat with you and be friends, but as far as play mates, we must decline." There is no requirement for you to explain your reasons.
  10. Make safe choices. Use condoms to reduce the risks, as well as meeting potential playmates for the first time in a public place for the first meeting, whether for a drink at a bar or at a swing party or event.

If you follow these 10 Steps for Swinging 101, you and your partner will fit right in with the swinging lifestyle. It isn't as intimidating as people first think, and is very accepting. You and your partner can have the time of your lives by opening up and embracing a change.

About The O Zone: Toronto's hottest couples' club, The O Zone is the place to be for swinging couples in Toronto. The O Zone is one of North America's largest "on premise" nightclubs. A hedonistic playground of over 10,000 square feet, The O Zone is filled with enough wild and sexy amenities to guarantee a most memorable night for Toronto swingers and open-minded couples. An alternative lifestyle social club, The O Zone is the hottest place in Toronto for couples to come and party, and to form friendships with compatible like-minded swinging couples. For more information about The O Zone, upcoming special events, and the latest club news, please visit

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