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Ontario's NDP

September 22, 2007 13:14 ET

Tory Joins McGuinty in Opposing Environmental Protection

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 22, 2007) - John Tory is sounding more and more like Dalton McGuinty these days: promising environmental protection, then ignoring environmental laws and dumping billions into dangerous and unreliable nuclear power.

Today Tory criticized the McGuinty Liberals because it takes too long for energy projects to get proper environmental approvals.

But when Dalton McGuinty's Liberals secretly exempted their nuclear scheme from Ontario's environmental assessment act Tory was critical:

"Opposition Leader John Tory said Broten should resign because of her attempts to bypass the environmental assessment act for the new energy plan.

"Her job is to uphold that bill, not to try and find ways around it," he said.

"When she skirts the law like that she should step down from her job because she's clearly is not interested in doing it any more."

Canadian Press, June 21, 2006

Only Howard Hampton and the NDP will stand up for working families and their environment.

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