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May 01, 2007 08:15 ET

Toshiba Display Driver Recognized with INSIGHT Award

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - May 1, 2007) - Semiconductor Insights (SI), the leader in technical and patent analyses of integrated circuits and electronic systems, today announced that it has awarded the 2007 INSIGHT Award for Most Innovative Display Driver to Toshiba for the T6K84 driver IC found in its W52T CDMA cell phone / digital camera. "Displays are both a key source of differentiation and cost for mobile device vendors. As such, several tradeoffs are involved in display driver IC design", stated Rob Hilkes, lead technology analyst for analog and mixed signal at SI. "However, increased integration of electronics onto the display itself can help achieve improved functionality and reduced cost simultaneously. Such is the case with Toshiba's T6K84 driver IC, which is optimized for the 480x800 LTPS display produced by Toshiba-Matsushita Display Technology Company and found in the W52T phone."

In evaluating the Toshiba T6K84 driver IC, SI was impressed with the I/O design. Toshiba has managed to provide control for 1440 source drivers (480 x RGB) and 800 gate drivers with far fewer than 2240 outputs. A time multiplexing scheme means that only about 900 I/Os are required on the chip. By moving some of the large drive transistors onto the glass, Toshiba has freed-up room for more display memory. The T6K84 has 970kbits of on-chip SRAM, which is a significant quantity. The device supports 8-bit sub-pixel color depth, which means the phone offers 262 thousand colors.

Off the shelf display drivers, with three source drivers for each column, a gate driver for each row, and a complete screen's worth of memory with 18-bits of color information per pixel, will become less common going forward. In the future, careful design partitioning between the driver and the glass will optimize multiplexed outputs, display memory, and drive circuitry according to the unique requirements of the display subassembly. "The T6K84 LTPS driver is an excellent example of this design methodology. Toshiba is not a commodity display driver vendor; The T6K84 exemplifies a driver IC that has been customized for a specific end product - something we will see much more in the future.", said Mr. Hilkes.

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