Toshiba Corporation

Toshiba Corporation

March 10, 2005 03:36 ET

Toshiba Readies Diverse, Cutting-Edge Technologies for CeBIT 2005



MARCH 10, 2005 - 03:36 ET

Toshiba Readies Diverse, Cutting-Edge Technologies for
CeBIT 2005

HANNOVER, Germany and TOKYO--(CCNMatthews - Mar 10, 2005) -

Toshiba Corporation today announced that a special "Innovation Corner"
at its booth at CeBIT 2005 would spotlight the company's latest advances
in mobile terminals, network systems and audio visual technologies. The
diverse technologies and systems on display will demonstrate Toshiba's
commitment to excellence and innovation in information processing, image
processing and electronic devices and components.

Major Exhibits

1) Detachable Display

Networks offer ubiquitous connectivity. Toshiba adds comfort and

Toshiba's detachable display adds a new level of freedom to personal
computing, especially when it's configured as a stylus-operated touch
screen supporting handwriting recognition. Attached to its base, the
detachable display is part of a powerful notebook PC. Separated, it's
light and ultra-portable, and, like a good book, allows the user to curl
up in a comfortable place -- and still stay productive. It's also
perfect for sales presentations and meetings, especially one-on-one, as
the display can be handed from person to person, and documents and
presentations edited as the display circulates. Thanks to the
IEEE802.11b wireless connectivity built into the prototype detachable
display, all on-screen updates are processed and displayed in real time.

2) Home AV Network

Toshiba's home network makes the living easy, whatever the season

As broadband networks and digital devices sweep into the home, Toshiba
is in the forefront of linking them seamlessly in an interoperable
network. Visitors to CeBIT can see how easy it can be to share music,
video and pictures, in a three-part demonstration of watching TV
programs wirelessly on a PC; control of AV applications from a
Bluetooth™ enabled mobile phone; and playback on a TV of music, photo
and movie files stored in a PC.

Toshiba supports the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) in its work
to develop design guidelines and an open standard for home networks of
digital consumer products. The Home AV Network follows DLNA guidelines
to achieve a powerful, flexible network that adds to quality of life.

3) Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) for Notebook PCs

Ultra-portable power solution for the age of ubiquitous connectivity

Toshiba's global leadership in fuel cells is embodied in the prototype
direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) powering a PORTEGE M300, B5-sized
notebook PC. The DMFC runs on a methanol-oxygen fuel mix, and generates
and supplies power directly to the PC. With an energy density up to five
times that of a typical lithium-ion battery, the DMFC delivers much
longer continuous operation.

Methanol in a fuel cell delivers power most efficiently when mixed with
water in a 3 to 6% methanol concentration -- a level requiring a fuel
tank that is much too large for use with portable equipment. Toshiba's
system uses methanol at a higher concentration, diluting it with water
produced as a by-product of the power generation process. Methanol can
be stored at a much higher concentration, in a fuel tank less than
one-tenth the size of that required for a 3 to 6% concentration.

4) HD DVD Player

Superb high definition images, excellent sound, and full backward

HD DVD is the next-generation optical-disc standard that will bring
high-definition recorded content into the home. Developed and supported
by the DVD Forum, the industry alliance of over 230 companies from the
CE, IT and content provision sectors, HD DVD's innovations include
higher resolution video and audio, a suite of disc capacities for longer
and shorter programs, advanced navigation, web connectivity and
interactivity, plus the robust content protection technology that is a
must for content providers. A single, dual-layer HD DVD-ROM disc offers
30 gigabytes of capacity, space enough for much as eight hours of
high-definition movie content. And as HD DVD is based on the same
physical disc structure as standard DVD, disc and hardware production
are cost efficient, and it is easy to achieve backward compatibility
with today's DVD.

Detailed information, including press releases and digital images of HD
DVD products, are available online at the official site of the HD DVD
Promotion Group:

5) HD DVD Slim Drive for PCs (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology

The brilliance of HD DVD in a slim profile PC drive

Toshiba delivers HD DVD on the go with a multi-format slim line HD DVD
drive that can read HD DVD, standard DVD and CD and write to certain DVD
and CD. Developed by Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation, an
optical-drive joint venture between Toshiba Corporation and Samsung
Electronics Co., the drive will bring next generation high definition
DVD to notebook PCs, while assuring the backward compatibility essential
for users to continue to use libraries of application software on DVD
and CD.

Downloadable digital photographs of all these exhibits, except for the
home AV network, can be found at


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