November 28, 2011 07:00 ET

Tough Times Provides Wealth to Booming Industry

New Way to Invest Allows for Profits

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 28, 2011) - August was a rough month for the global markets. Asian and American markets have tumbled after the downgrade of the US credit rating and European markets are hesitant with concerns over Italian and Spanish debt. Even the Swiss and Japanese governments, whose markets have been labeled safe havens, have intervened to control the rise of their currency. All this market insecurity has made investors worldwide nervous and binary option traders are in a unique position to take advantage of this market uncertainty.

As the global markets tumble across the board, binary option traders are able to leverage their market knowledge with the current conditions to invest with success. Binary options thrive in market volatility as they are not tied to the asset but rather just how the asset's market price performs. Binary option traders can trade on the market no matter what the condition. Martin Jones, a senior analyst at 24option, confirms that binary option traders are in a unique position. "Our traders are seeing the trends in certain markets and are acting decisively to make very profitable decisions."

Binary option platforms have become the new way for investors to invest in the market while not having to invest in actual assets. Traders make predictions on how the market price will act over a certain period of time. Sites like 24option offer their traders a variety of options that gives their traders freedom and flexibility when creating their predictions. The high rate of return and concise expiry times have allowed 24option to become the leader for binary option trading.

While traditional models of investments have investors purchasing the assets themselves, binary options reduce the investors risk by having the investor only invest in their prediction. This allows the investor to invest whatever he or she is comfortable with and does not force the investor outside their comfort zone.

So while the world wrung its hands as it watched the markets in August, binary options traders were able to see what was occurring and take advantage of the market insecurity.

24option is online binary option platform that provides its clients with the industry's most stable platform for trading binary options. Headquartered in London, the global finance center, 24option provides its traders with a diverse asset base and superior customer service to ensure that traders have the best trading experience possible.

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