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August 21, 2013 16:25 ET

ToutApp Helps B2B Salespeople Close More Deals With Real-Time Sales Communications Platform

Now Integrated With Outlook, Gmail and Salesforce With Real-Time Lead Scoring

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - August 21, 2013) -  ToutApp, Inc. ( today announced the Summer 2013 edition of its innovative sales communications platform. ToutApp's market leading platform allows sales teams to process more leads and close more deals with the power of real-time engagement tracking, dynamic sales templates and smart follow-ups.

To build on ToutApp's Gmail, Outlook and Salesforce integrations, this release introduces a cloud-based email client specifically designed for salespeople. With Tout's platform, salespeople are able to personally deal with a higher volume of leads, intelligently communicate and follow up with leads based on real-time engagement data and inherently close more deals.

"Why should marketing get all the fancy tools? ToutApp is the first email platform built from the ground up based on how a sales team works and thinks. It is also one of the first examples of a product that re-imagines the email experience based on job function," said Tawheed Kader, CEO of ToutApp.

B2B sales is becoming increasingly challenging. ToutApp's rapidly growing user base of 50,000+ B2B salespeople relies on the platform to get that "extra edge" and win more deals. The San Francisco startup is taking the sales world by storm with their innovative new take on how salespeople can communicate in a world of big data, tracking and analytics.

Tout 6.0's features include:

  • An Integrated Email Client for Salespeople that lets them see a real-time prioritization of their most engaged leads with easy 1-click follow ups over email and phone.
  • Deep Integrations with Gmail, Outlook and Salesforce and a growing number of sales tools
  • Email, Presentation and Website tracking to let salespeople know exactly how their leads are engaging with their messaging and communications
  • Real-Time Lead Scoring so that out of a 100 leads, salespeople on a day to day basis can focus on the ones that are most engaged, right now.
  • Smart Analytics and Reports to help sales and marketing managers identify successful messaging and likelihood of deals closing across the pipeline

ToutApp believes email is at the core of the sales workflow. With a robust platform streamlining the email and phone communications for a sales team, their next goal is to unify the extremely fragmented sales tools space and provide a seamless platform for all sales teams to communicate from.

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