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January 26, 2017 14:00 ET

TowerData Enables Precise Targeting With Active Customer Intelligence

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - January 26, 2017) - TowerData, the leading provider of email data solutions, is excited to announce the launch of Active Customer Intelligence (ACI). In addition to core demographic fields such as age and gender, TowerData customers now have access to recent browsing and search-based purchase intent data aggregated from 10,000 stores and 7,500 brands across thousands of shopping sites—including discount and coupon sites, comparison shopping sites and ratings and review sites.

Active Customer Intelligence, a new feature of TowerData's Email Intelligence service, reveals the real-time interests and wants of customers as well as prospects. It helps marketers reach consumers with messages about the right products at the right time—when they are actively shopping for them.

In addition, the solution provides Lifestyle, Life Stage and Shopper Type classifications such as "Fitness buffs", "New parents" and "Deal seekers" to help companies further segment their database, personalize content and target likely buyers.

Because ACI data is updated daily from multiple points in the buyer's journey and from multiple channels, brands can obtain a far more timely and comprehensive view of their customers than what prior purchase intent solutions have offered. "Active Customer Intelligence offers accurate, up-to-the-moment data on the current behavior and preferences of individual buyers, empowering marketers to deliver a personalized, relevant experience to each consumer," said TowerData CEO, Tom Burke.

ACI data is primarily used in three different ways:

  • First, when a visitor lands on a company's website, TowerData's API can be called in immediately to determine what the prospect is in-market for so that his or her shopping experience can be customized to focus on related products.
  • Next, TowerData can append behavioral shopping data to customer files for easy segmentation and profiling.
  • Finally, with access to a customer database, TowerData can notify a brand when someone on its list starts shopping across the Internet for a product it offers. The company can then automatically send the shopper a triggered email with a promotional message for this item within seconds. This hyper-targeted, in-the-moment approach boosts engagement and improves the likelihood of a sale.

In this fast-paced, digital-first economy, the ability to deliver a highly personalized experience to every consumer is no longer a "nice-to-have"—it's a must. Utilizing accurate, timely data on demographics, purchasing preferences and behavior are crucial to personalization and engagement. TowerData provides easy access to this data, helping marketers better understand their customers and offer more personalized experiences.

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