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August 31, 2009 09:15 ET

Track Project Expenses With Smart Software

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 31, 2009) - Project Manager Online Ltd has just released new Expense Tracking features to its online project management software.

Expense Tracking Software can help project managers capture any type of expense. Project managers need to be able to keep track of their current versus planned expenditure, decide whether budget needs to be reallocated and report these expenses to the project sponsor.

"There are numerous costs associated with running projects," says Jason Westland, CEO of Project Manager Online Ltd. "All too often, costs escalate and money is spent on extra items that were not necessarily planned for."

"By using comprehensive expense tracking software, managers can feel confident that all expenses are being logged and tracked. They can keep a close eye on how much is being spent and on what - whether it's core expenditure on project equipment, resource and materials or supplementary costs for team building events and customer relationship management." he says. enables project managers to identify, monitor and report on project expenses. They can enter any type of expense, manage recurring expenses, schedule one-off payments, report on project expenditure and keep their projects under budget. The in-built expense tracking form allows them to automatically calculate the cost of resource based on their unit cost and the amount of time they spend completing tasks. By tracking expenditure throughout the duration of the project, a project manager can easily ensure the project stays within budget.

"By displaying expense tracking information on the project dashboard, project managers can see at a glance whether the project is within budget. If costs appear to be escalating, the software enables the user to identify where the problem is and reallocate budget," says Westland.

"The easy-to-use reporting features make it simple for project managers to keep sponsors updated about project expenditure, and if they do need to ask for extra budget - the software is a great way to help them prepare." also partner with Method123 for Project Management Templates and Project Management Methodologies to provide project managers with everything they need for managing successful projects.

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