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September 30, 2013 11:21 ET

"Track Your Shack" With Moxie

Affordable Moxie Is Smart, Simple Home Security With Wireless Sensors to Protect Your Space

PLYMOUTH, MN--(Marketwired - September 30, 2013) - Your home may be your "castle," but it probably doesn't have a drawbridge or a moat. That's where Moxie comes in. Moxie can be deployed, in a minute or less right out of the box, to stand guard while you're out working, playing, or slaying dragons. Moxie monitors motion, temperature, humidity, and power, comes packaged with a low-cost cellular plan, and sends alerts of monitored events to smartphones and data systems via text message. Moxie's cellular connectivity is a significant advantage over ordinary Wi-Fi based monitoring systems, since a cellular signal is unaffected by power failure or intentional disruption, has no distance limitations, and is available even in remote areas where there is no easy Internet access.

Launching on, Moxie is being developed by NimbeLink, which currently sells TextAlert, an "industrial-strength" cellular-based commercial security product designed for any indoor or outdoor application. "We saw a need to deliver robust security in a compact package suitable for residential use," says NimbeLink CTO Kurt Larson. "Moxie delivers the same kind of security functions as TextAlert and, at the same time, extends reach and effectiveness with wireless sensors."

Along with its own internal sensors, Moxie can communicate via Bluetooth with external sensors to distances of up to 50 meters. It also communicates locally with Bluetooth-enabled phones, so it can recognize the "authorized" presence of an owner and automatically disarm itself.

Moxie communicates with the cellular network using the cellular data signal, which has a much greater reach than cellular voice channels, so it can send alerts and data from virtually any location. And with its low-power components and rechargeable lithium ion batteries, Moxie can function entirely without external power for up to six months, depending on the application.

As with the TextAlert product, installation of Moxie takes just seconds: simply plug it in, stand it on a shelf or hang it on a wall, and touch the capacitive switch on its face to arm the device. Users can adjust thresholds for temperature and humidity alerts using a simple smartphone app.

"Moxie costs far less than traditional, wired security systems," says NimbeLink CEO Scott Schwalbe. "In fact, to our knowledge -- and believe me we've done some research -- it is the least expensive self-contained security notification product on the market."

Moxie's projected market price will be $199, but early supporters on can choose to receive Moxie for as little as $99. Other reward packages will include external sensors for monitoring other events in your home. Bundled cellular service (with no contract required) will cost $9.99/month. The Moxie Fundable campaign is at

NimbeLink takes the complexity out of M2M communication, creating simple, application-specific solutions and bundling them with carrier and cloud data services. The company delivers smart, affordable, remote-sensing solutions that work right out of the box. 

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