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September 08, 2010 08:00 ET

TrackVia Introduces First Cloud Database Application Development Platform Designed for Non-Technical Business Users

New Solution Makes the Cloud Accessible to Business Users While Delivering a Secure, Scalable & Performant Platform for Internal IT to Champion

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - September 8, 2010) -  TrackVia, a leader in Cloud-based databases, today introduced its new TrackVia cloud application development platform, the first solution that makes the cloud accessible to business users while delivering a secure, scalable & performant platform that is attractive to internal IT. Already known for its cloud database, this new TrackVia application development platform is designed for business users, letting them easily build their own database-driven applications, thereby avoiding the interpretation challenges and IT backlogs that often put non-technical business users, traditional software developers, and internal IT at odds. And because TrackVia balances advanced but easy-to-use data management and application development with reliable support and enterprise-class data security and control, internal IT can feel comfortable championing the product across the enterprise -- empowering business users to easily and securely help themselves while clearing IT's busy schedules to focus on other project priorities.

"TrackVia has incorporated a lot of forward thinking into its product. They have developed a very simple user interface on top of a feature rich relational database that can be securely accessed and shared over the web," said Ken Ramirez, Executive Vice President, Global Operations, Gannett Education, Gannett Healthcare Group, a rapidly growing division within the $7 billion Gannett Company. "We have barely tapped the surface of TrackVia's capabilities. We continue to find more processes and solutions that can be optimized through TrackVia's platform."

Backed by top-tier investors including Access Venture Partners, Flywheel Ventures, Aydin Senkut from Felicis Ventures, leading angel investor Mark Goines, and renowned venture capitalist Tim Draper, TrackVia has a combined 5-plus years of real-world experience delivering 99.99 percent uptime to more than 1,000 enterprise, small business, and government customers around the globe. Collectively, these customers rely on TrackVia to manage more than one billion records on the first truly business user-friendly cloud application platform. With today's release, business users can use TrackVia to build business-critical applications without IT involvement.

"Cloud computing is a key trend empowering Citizen Developers, non-technical users who author shared applications on centrally-managed platforms, thereby freeing up expensive IT resources to address challenges requiring deeper technology expertise," said Eric Knapp, Principal Analyst, Gartner. "Companies that leverage cloud computing successfully will achieve superior business agility while potentially reducing the cost of change on corporate IT."

TrackVia delivers the promise of the cloud via rapid, secure, and scalable implementations with no upfront costs. TrackVia offers the features that business people need and IT professionals demand of a cloud database and application platform. Examples include:

  • Integrated Data Canvas: TrackVia's revolutionary data canvas concept allows a user to view, analyze, manipulate and apply productivity tools to their records in real-time -- without ever losing sight of the data with which they are working.
  • Analysis & Visualization Capabilities: Intuitive, single-click analytic and visualization tools transform data into insight by allowing business users to search, filter and create customized views that include table, calendar, map, and graph formats.
  • Dashboards: Multi-portlet dashboards combine up to 20 different views onto a single, real-time key performance indicator dashboard that drills-down to underlying data detail as needed.
  • Built-In Productivity Tools: Built-in productivity tools transform insights into action, including a mass email blaster, document generator, label creator, webform publisher, distribution schedules, real-time alerts and more.
  • Access Controls & Audit Tracking: Granular user access controls make securely and easily administering large user communities a breeze. Permissions can be defined down to a single field in a single record in a particular table or app. Roles and Groups can be created once and assigned to many users. And, every change is recorded with a time, user, and date-stamp for security and audit tracking. 
  • Extensibility: TrackVia is focused on delivering an open and extensible platform. TrackVia's optional enterprise API enables real-time synchronization between TrackVia and any other 3rd party applications or databases.

"From our inception, our focus was building a fast, secure, and scalable cloud-driven database platform that customers would trust for their most mission critical data. Over time, it became clear that TrackVia has the opportunity to fill a tremendous void for non-technical business users who had long wanted to be able to quickly build enterprise-class database applications without relying on developers or being pushed-back by lack of internal IT resources," said Matt McAdams, CEO and founder, TrackVia. "We believe TrackVia's newly launched cloud application platform is a perfect marriage of the powerful functionality and usability requirements of our business users, with the performance and security demands from internal IT that have always been at our core. We look forward to seeing what our customers will do with this powerful new platform."

TrackVia is available for both a 14-day free trial and immediate sign-up, with subscription pricing starting at only $99/month. For more information or to get started today, please visit

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With more than one billion records under management, TrackVia is a leader in cloud-based database application development. Its TrackVia online database and application development platform is the first solution that makes the cloud both approachable for business users and attractive to internal IT. TrackVia is designed for business users, letting them easily build their own database applications, thereby avoiding the interpretation challenges from developers and backlogs from internal IT that often put business users, developers, and IT at odds. Based in Denver, Colorado, TrackVia has received funding from Flywheel Ventures, Access Venture Partners and other private investors. For more information, please visit

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