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August 10, 2007 13:14 ET

Traction Chosen to Help Livescribe Turn Your Paper On

SAN FRANCISO, CA--(Marketwire - August 10, 2007) - San Francisco creative agency, Traction, was recently selected by Livescribe to help launch their revolutionary smartpen and paper-based computing platform in Q4 2007.

Livescribe's platform was officially unveiled to the public on May 29th at Walt Mossberg's D5 Conference (D: All Things Digital) in Carlsbad, CA by company founder and CEO, Jim Marggraff. He described the platform, "The basic modes of human communication -- reading, writing, speaking, listening -- are enhanced by Livescribe with a completely intuitive, portable, low-cost tool," said Marggraff. "A smartpen that captures your notes, records what you hear, solves your math problems, translates languages, and sends handwritten emails is extraordinary to experience. It is the harbinger of a new era of mobile computing."

The Livescribe platform quite literally « turns your paper on. » By synching audio with what you write, words on paper become clickable objects with contextual audio attached.

Traction was selected to help launch the Livescribe smartpen in the consumer market because of its track record of success and unique marketing approach to designing brand experiences.

"Traction has already demonstrated a deep understanding of our first target market college students and helped to develop a plan to connect with them by integrating multiple channels of communication in a creative and meaningful way."

"Traction is not your traditional agency, much like Livescribe is not your traditional new computing device," added Adam Kleinberg, CEO and Founder of Traction. "We actually design communications in a holistic matter so we use the most creative and appropriate marketing tools possible. This often means embracing emerging media options as the cornerstone of a campaign, not as appendages. When approached by Livescribe, we knew it would be a perfect fit."

In preparation for the D5 Conference, Traction helped design and develop the website -- a corporate identity site devoted to voicing the Livescribe paper-based computing platform. In a partnership with San Francisco-based video production gurus, Elastic Creative, Traction also directed the production of a video to support Livescribe's company launch.

Traction, headed by a group of individuals with backgrounds in advertising, marketing and technology, has a long list and wide variety of past and present high profile clients including Virgin Mobile, ZoneAlarm, Macromedia, Plantronics, LightFull Foods, Sun and SAP. Adding Livescribe to this list, a company with innovative solutions that enhance personal productivity, learning, communication & creative expression for anyone that writes with pen & paper, further extends Traction's spectrum of clients. Traction beat out four other creative agencies to be the primary advertising agency for the Livescribe brand.

Product Availability

The Livescribe paper-based computing platform -- a smartpen, dot paper, software applications, along with development tools -- will be available online beginning in Q4. The smartpen will be less than $200. Additional dot paper will be available at prices comparable to standard paper products.

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Traction is a full-service creative shop that designs brand experiences across traditional, online and emerging media. The agency was founded when the industry took a downturn in 2001 and has since provided service to a diverse range of clients including Virgin Mobile, Livescribe, Plantronics, Sun Microsystems, Pure Hero Sportswear, Hyperic, SAP, Migo Software, as well as local entities such as the prestigious Bonny Doon Vineyard, high-end retailer Sue Fisher King, Web 2.0 Expo, and The Bay Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to restoring San Francisco's aquatic ecosystem. The agency's portfolio can be viewed online at

About Livescribe

Located in Oakland, Calif., Livescribe has developed a new low-cost mobile computing platform that connects the paper and digital worlds. Founded by Jim Marggraff, an entrepreneur and inventor of paper-based computing, including the LeapPad and Fly Pentop Computer, the company is designing innovative solutions that enhance personal productivity, learning, communication, and self expression for anyone who writes with pen and paper. For more information, visit Livescribe at

Visit Traction's Web site at or call 415.962.5800 for more information.

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